Times silences anti-Trump editor who ‘wasn’t left enough’

The New York Times has taken another step backward as a legitimate news organization by bowing to the left-wing mob again — this time demoting an editor who had the temerity to question Democratic shibboleths.

You remember it was just last week that the New York Times apologized to its radical readers and staff for publishing a headline that made President Trump look good by accurately reflecting the content of Trump’s speech calling for unity against racism. They also changed the headline into a typical Fake News opinion style headline trying to make Trump look bad.

Now, the Times is punishing a liberal Trump-hating editor, Jonathan Weisman, because he wasn’t left enough! He just did not go far enough in pushing the party line (the Radical Democrat Party line in case you didn’t guess!) to avoid the scrutiny of the left-wing thought police

Jonathan Weisman had the temerity to use his critical thinking faculty to realize that there is a difference between urban congressional districts in Michigan, Minneapolis, Georgia and Texas and the conservative regions they are located in. Specifically, he was responding to a tweet by Waleed Shaheed, a spokesman for the progressive/communist group Justice Democrats, who questioned Claire McCaskill’s wisdom in saying that the Midwest would not take kindly to socialism. Shaheed pointed to radical Democrat Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar and said they are “also from the Midwest.”

Duh! If you look at an electoral map of the Midwest, you will see a giant sea of Republican red counties dotted with a few blue islands in urban areas. It is not rocket science to point out that cities like Minneapolis and Detroit do not represent traditional Midwest voters or values.

But when Weisman, the deputy Washington editor for the New York Times, said so in a responsive tweet, he was rapidly outed as the equivalent of what Mao called a “capitalist roader.” In other words, he was not repeating back the liberal orthodox mantra that political correctness had dictated. In other words he was thinking for himself. In “1984,” that was represented as saying “2+2=4” when Big Brother insisted it was really 5. The old Midwest doesn’t really exist. Repeat after me: “Orange Man Trump bad! Midwest Deplorables bad! Midwest communists good!”

Weisman actually tried to re-educate himself and walk back his tweet by deleting it and apologizing. Here is his original tweet that led to his demotion and banishment to a NY Times re-education camp:

Of course, there is no chance that the real reason Weisman was attacked by the radical anti-Semitic left because he is a proud Jew who wrote a book called “Semitism.” Democrats who hate Israel would never take out their anger on a Jewish editor at the New York Times. Heaven forbid!

So here’s how the Times broke the news about their rebuke of Weisman in today’s paper:

The New York Times said in a statement on Tuesday that Jonathan Weisman, a deputy Washington editor of The Times, had been demoted and would no longer oversee the paper’s congressional correspondents because he repeatedly posted messages on social media about race and politics that showed what the paper called “serious lapses in judgment.”

Mr. Weisman, 53, will lose the title of deputy editor, a designation for Times editors with wide-ranging duties and significant input into news coverage, a spokeswoman for the paper said.

Oh yes, and Weisman “will no longer be active on social media.”

That is the most galling part of this hypocrisy. The Times has literally hundreds of staff members who are active on Twitter who every day post hundreds of comments offensive to me and other conservatives. Someone who gets paid to wade through Twitter accounts of left-wing reporters can have a field day outing the many disgusting anti-Trump and anti-American comments. As a volunteer journalist, I am opting out of that filthy job.

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