Suicide by murder: A rough draft of a theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

The August 10 death of Jeffrey Epstein in his prison cell in New York has ensured that we will be deluged with movies, documentaries, miniseries, books, essays and conspiracy theories for years to come.

God bless Attorney General Bill Barr for acting quickly to send messages that he will get to the bottom of what happened at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, but no matter what the official story turns out to be, there will never be certainty.

Epstein was famous not just for being filthy rich, but for his ability to skirt the law. He had been convicted of engaging in sex with underage girls years earlier but had gotten off with a slap on the wrist. Now he was back in jail on similar charges, and it looked like he might not get off this time. Moreover, he was the friend of the rich and famous and may have procured underage sex for dozens of politicians, financiers and royalty. Bill Clinton was famously linked to him, as one example.

So why was Epstein, arguably the most famous prisoner in the United States, in a cell by himself without cameras just a couple weeks after allegedly trying to commit suicide?

Did he even try to commit suicide in that original incident? Or was he attacked by cell mate Nicholas Tartaglione, as the New York Post reports that Epstein claimed:

Epstein told his lawyers that a hulking ex-cop inflicted the injuries that left him nearly unconscious in his cell last month … Epstein was treated for neck injuries following the July 23 incident…

If the jail staff concluded that Epstein was attacked, that would explain why he was not on suicide watch, but it would also raise the specter of a “hit” — a murder contract — being placed on Epstein by persons unknown, possibly to silence him.

It is certainly suspicious that a former police officer (Tartaglione) is alleged to have assaulted (tried to kill?) Epstein in the very manner in which he actually died a few days later (by something squeezing his neck so hard that he stopped breathing).

Here’s where it gets interesting.

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CBS News reported on August 13 that “shouting and shrieking” was heard coming from Epstein’s jail cell on the morning when he supposedly killed himself. CBS did not reveal the source of that information, but added that “Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying ‘breathe, Epstein, breathe.'”

Added together, we are supposed to get the impression that jail officers found Epstein and tried to revive him, but who exactly is doing the “shrieking” in that scenario? Are we supposed to believe that these hardened corrections officers “shrieked” when they found their star prisoner unconscious? Clearly, under the official story, it could not have been Epstein who was lying on the floor with a broken neck after dropping off his bunk bed with a bed sheet around his neck.

Yes, the autopsy confirmed that there were multiple broken bones in Epstein’s neck, including the hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple, typically broken during strangulation but not necessarily from hanging.

So what if Epstein was roused out of sleep by someone (presumably jail staff or someone with access to his cell) who intended him harm. In that case, it would have been Epstein shrieking and possibly shouting for help. Imagine him struggling for breath while his assailant has his hands around his neck, squeezing the life out of him, all the while screaming for effect, “Breathe, Epstein, Breathe!”

Of course, that could never happen, could it? But it also couldn’t happen that a high-profile inmate thought to be at risk for suicide would be left alone in a room with a bunk bed and cloth sheets instead of paper sheets, could it?

One more piece of the puzzle, also from the New York Post:

Jeffrey Epstein was confident he could fight the child sex trafficking charges against him and was in “great spirits” just hours before his jailhouse death on Saturday morning — even telling one of his lawyers, “I’ll see you Sunday,” The Post has learned.

Those soon-to-be famous last words may be the best evidence we will ever have that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered to shut him up. It will make a helluva movie.

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