What the hell do Jews have to lose if they quit Democrat Party?

You probably heard the president’s tirade lashing out at weepy Rashida Tlaib for playing politics with her elderly grandmother when all she really wanted to do was hurt Israel.

It was a beautiful and masterful moment as President Trump exposes the gross anti-Semitism of the modern Democratic Party. The highlight of the statement was the following, in response to a question about whether the US should change its policy toward Israel after that nation blocked Tlaib and fellow congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, from visiting to spread anti-Israel propaganda.

“I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. Where has the Democratic Party gone? Where have they gone where they are defending these two people over the state of Israel? I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

The pundit class has gone all a-twitter bemoaning the fact that President Trump used the word disloyalty. They say it echoes the anti-Semitic language of Jew haters who claim Jews have a dual loyalty to the US and Israel and therefore can’t be trusted.

This is idiotic on so many levels that it is classic Democrat thinking. First of all, at the most basic level, you can have dual loyalty without it being a bad thing. One can be loyal to your home state, for instance, while still being loyal to the USA. One can also be a loyal supporter of two college football teams like a Montana and Montana State. Yes when they oppose each other you have to choose sides, but you can like both of them too.

Secondly, of course, Trump did not define what he meant by disloyalty. I would contend he was talking about disloyalty to their own self-interest, not to the state of Israel per se. (UPDATE: Later the president did say he meant disloyalty to Israel and to the Jewish people, but again, loyalty to Israel is loyalty to democracy and to the traditions of the Bible as well as to the idea of the preservation of Judaism.)

The Jewish people face hundreds of millions of people who want to wipe them off the face of the map. The Democrats give aid and comfort to those enemies of the Jewish people. Therefore, if you are Jewish and Democratic, you are opposing your own self interest.

This has been obvious for years. Now, with President Trump being the most pro-Israel president in history and even having a Jewish daughter and grandchildren, it would make no sense for Jews as a bloc to remain loyal to the Democrat Party of anti-Israeli Reps. Tlaib and Omar.

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  1. Jews who do not love Israel are Jews in name only. Has nothing to do with being loyal to Israel only, but loving their heritage and loving their beginnings. I am an American and I love my country, also love Flathead County, and admire Israel. Despise the despicable Jews in the Flathead who seem to have no loyalty to G-d or their religion.

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