Overstock CEO resigns in wake of allegations against Deep State

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne on Thursday announced his resignation as head of the company he founded 20 years ago.

This came in the wake of public allegations that Byrne made in recent weeks that he had been recruited by the FBI to unwittingly engage in political espionage in the 2016 presidential campaign.

  • In an appearance on “Bulls and Bears” with host David Asman on Fox Business, Byrne said he was resigning in order to shield his company from the inevitable backlash of his allegations against James Comey, John Brennan and the Deep State.
  • He also said for the first time that he believes the person who set him up was FBI agent Peter Strzok, who helped orchestrate the entire Russia collusion hoax.
  • Byrne said the espionage targeted Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as well as Donald Trump.
  • I have put two videos on YouTube that contain the entirety of Byrne’s Aug. 22 interview. Part 1 is Byrne talking to Asman. Part 2 is Byrne answering questions from a skeptical panel.

I would also recommend that you view Asman’s August 12 interview with Byrne, in which he spills the beans. You can read my report here or watch the video below.

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