VIDEO: Can Isaiah Washington lead Hollywood out of the darkness?

Is it just me, or is there a movement toward sanity in (of all places!) Hollywood?

I’ve been seeing a trend lately of people in Hollywood deciding to push back against the liberal overlords, and I must say I am quite heartened by it.

Actor Isaiah Washington has been waging a public campaign since April to shame Hollywood for its anti-American Trump Derangement Syndrome. Of course, Jon Voigt has been doing that for years, but Washington has a big advantage over Voigt — he isn’t an old white guy!

Washington first publicly supported President Trump in a big way when Trump signed the First Step criminal justice reform law earlier this year. Washington visited Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.” then and returned on Aug. 28 to say that he was sick and tired of closet conservatives in Hollywood who won’t speak out in public to support American values.

“You’re no different than the bystander that is waiting on the blood to spill from a martyr,” he tweeted to the secret Hollywood conservatives who told him privately that they support him.

In a five minute conversation, Washington (best known for his role on “Grey’s Anatomy”) covered a lot of ground, but in particular he focused on what is at stake in a country where free speech is at risk. Watch it here:

Washington appeared on Varney’s show wearing a WalkAway T-shirt, and he could be the start of a similar movement focused in Hollywood.

There are other signs as well, such as the new Dave Chapelle standup comedy special on Netflix where Chapelle makes a frontal assault on political correctness. That may penetrate the youth culture even more directly.

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Keep your fingers crossed, and pray for both Washington and Chapelle to be uplifted as they walk through the landmines of the left and try to bring light to dark places!


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