Marianne Williamson wakes up and smells the truth: ‘The left eats its own’

Was pleasantly surprised to hear about the David Remnick interview with Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson in the New Yorker Radio Hour.

Williamson is the self-help author who, during the first Democrat debate, said she is “going to harness love” to fight President Trump.

But first she has to get past Biden and Bernie and Buttigieg and the rest of the big dogs in the Democrat Party, and it turns out Williamson isn’t feeling the love so much.

According to an account by Dorothy Wickenden in the New Yorker, Williamson has had her eyes opened about the Democrat Party as a result of how her campaign has been characterized by her primary opponents and by the left-wing media:

“Campaigning on her credentials hasn’t been easy: she’s had to debunk some myths and clarify some statements. She is not an anti-vaxxer, she insists—she apologizes for her earlier remarks on the subject—or a medical skeptic. “I’m Jewish,” she says, “I go to the doctor.”

“I know this sounds naïve,” she complains, but “I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this.”

Breitbart adds this gem:

Williamson accused the left of lying about her use of crystals and “crystal gazing,” telling Remnick that there has “never been a crystal on stage” at any of her events and “there is no crystal” in her home.

Welcome to our world, Marianne! There’s no Russian collusion in our White House either, but that didn’t stop Comey and Brenner and the rest of the Deep State goon squad from mugging the country in a dark alley of deception for the last three years!

The left will do anything to gain and keep power. If you are standing in their way, they will eat you for lunch. Just ask Al Franken!

The Fake News Media mob is the partner of the Democrat Party elite, and they will do the dirty work for the Bidens and Bernies. The arrogance of the NBC crew in dismissing Williamson at the June debate was typical. Although I have virtually nothing in common with Williamson, I found myself screaming at the TV “Let the author talk!” when Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow kept skipping her on question after question.

There’s not much hope for bringing radical leftists like Marianne Williamson back to reality, but if he she can help wake up more people to the danger of a news media that will say anything and twist everything, then she is an ally in trying to Make America Great Again, however unwittingly so!

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5 Replies to “Marianne Williamson wakes up and smells the truth: ‘The left eats its own’”

  1. I believe she may be less nutty than the other Donkey candidates. At least she seems to have a sense of personal pride as opposed to the others. RLS

  2. Frank,
    All of this is good but your supporters need you to do two things;

    1. Focus on gaining popularity. Show us how we can support you and your work. Do you want us all to subscribe to “Townhall” and insist that your work be published and paid there? What can we do for you?

    2. Show how small-town Republicans can get in to politics with confidence and do some good. How do we organize events to honor Montana Republicans? How worthwhile is it to lionize these people?

    3. Show us why Republicans, Conservatives and TEA Party activists invest so little in politics and the other sides come up with hoards of violent people wanting to hurt us. Why?

    1. Those are all good suggestions Jack. I’m not sure I have the power to accomplish the first, or the wisdoms to solve the second and third.

      I’m published at Real Clear Politics once a week. I suppose I could seek an outlet at Townhall as well, but for now my focus is building up my website. Please feel free to encourage people to subscribe to my site. It just requires an email address.

      As for the other gets I will consider how I can help.


  3. I suppose you are doing the right thing but it seems that you might ask your fans to do the footwork for you. I was at KGVO for years. The sales staff was a kind of mafia, second only to the newspaper. KGVO had the only broadcasters who wore suits and ties and advertisers (who had no time to hear our lousy programming) were the only people that customers could evaluate.

    It must have been like that with Hagadone for you. The thought-process would have been something like “We’re the monsters and there can be no bigger than us. And newspapers always have the media edge. We can stop trying to think.

    It was different at KWAL. The sales staff relaxed and held media-management seminars. They allowed the programming department complete freedom. The KWAL team mopped up the floor with two newspapers and all the out-of-town media moguls who wanted in to grab the mining-industry riches. KWAL asked for listener participation. That was it.

    It is selfish of me to want success for you, to want the kind of future I never had the guts to chase. I’d like to see you start small. How about Frank Miele T-Shirts? Email your picture and name to a marketer and leave it alone. Let it grow over the years. No money spent, little time.

    Real Clear Politics? Doesn’t look well promoted. At least ask Binjamin Yolkofsky of to take you on. This is a guy you can talk to and you don’t need to be Jewish. He focuses on things Conservative Jews need to know. Ask him to take on Real Clear Politics as well. Let it grow over the years.

    Please make a point of asking your fans to push for you and do it regularly. If we aren’t asked, you won’t make any money no matter how good your product is. Such a request needs to be a cut-and-paste tagline to every post. Tell us how we can ask the biggies to take you on.

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