VIDEO: Trump’s Hurricane Dorian reporting vindicated … Sweet Home Alabama!

Call this Crossfire Hurricane 2. Like the original Crossfire Hurricane, which was the effort by the FBI to frame President Trump for Russia collusion with fake evidence and lies, CH2 also relied on lies and “suspicions.”

Crossfire Hurricane 2 is my name for the nearly weeklong assault on President Trump by the national media because he had said (and then defended) that Hurricane Dorian had been expected at one time to impact Alabama.

Lou Dobbs gleefully celebrated the humiliation of the national Fake News Media as proof surfaced Friday that President Trump was 100 percent correct when he said Alabama was in the projected path of the hurricane.

I caught Lou on video and added my own commentary. Check it out here, and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for helping me counter the beliefs of some of my friends and relatives. i could not figure what would be the purpose of Trump making such a statement if it was not true. What would he have to gain?

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