[WATCH] Summer of Winning or ‘Summer of Whining’: The media vs. Trump

While I was working on Monday’s column for Real Clear Politics, which focuses on Trump’s war with the Fake News Media, I came across an interesting skirmish between the Washington Post and the White House over the president’s success this summer.

Most people probably didn’t notice, but the White House put out a snappy video this week that highlighted the many accomplishments of President Trump this summer. For the Fake News Media, that was like putting catnip in front of a tabby cat. They went wild!

CNN and the Washington Post each did their own Fake News report that tried to “debunk” the list of accomplishments. Talk about “alternative facts”! These fake reporters simply could not let any fact speak for itself. They all had to be massaged into “Trump distortions,” “Trump lies” or “Trump exaggerations.”

I’ve put together a video that includes the entire inspiring “Summer of Winning” video along with my commentary highlighting the savage attack by the Fake News Media, who just can’t stand the idea of a president who wants to “Make America Great Again.” Watch it here:

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The video was actually a response to an unsourced and unhinged story in the Washington Post that was titled “Trump’s lost summer: Aides claim victory, but others see incompetence and intolerance.”

After the video came out, the Post defended itself with yet another story that tried to refute the many accomplishments of the Trump White House.

CNN also produced a Fake News dispatch by Chris Cillizza that claimed the White House was somehow deluded in thinking that there had been significant achievements during the summer. The video evidence be damned!

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UPDATE: I noticed that in my haste to get the video completed, I mangled the timeline. As noted here, the video was a response to the initial Washington Post report, not the other way around. Sorry ’bout that!

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