Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana defends YOUR gun rights and OUR republic

I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in the down home wit and wisdom of Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Today on “Varney and Co.” he brilliantly battled the forces in the left who want to dismantle our U.S. Constitution, starting with the Second Amendment.

Kennedy starts out by reminding viewers that we don’t judge all Muslims by the acts of a few depraved Islamic terrorists, and asks why the left is attacking the rights of a “hundred million law-abiding gun owners” because of the acts of a few sick individuals who commit murder.

“I want to see facts. I believe love is the answer, but I also own a handgun just in case. That’s my right as an American citizen.”

Kennedy says the rights in the Bill of Rights can’t be scrapped on political whim, nor just because a bunch of left-wing CEOs write letters scolding Congress or because polls show a majority want to restrict gun rights.

“Let’s suppose the polls are right. We have a Bill of Rights not to protect the majority, but to protect the minority.”

Great job, senator! Now if you can whisper that into the ear of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, perhaps you can save our gun rights — AND our republic.

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One Reply to “Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana defends YOUR gun rights and OUR republic”

  1. Imagine the Angst on the liberal left if a John Kennedy ,.Republican, was appointed/elected to some high level Federal position ?..Could the Enemedia find a way not to use his name ,?? Not report his conservative efforts ..
    Wonder what his middle name is ??..
    Im gonna check him out more .

    Thanks Mr. Miele


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