VIDEO: Savage beating in Minneapolis gets no media attention. Guess why?

This story says it all about why our nation needed a truth teller like Donald Trump to become our president.

For the most part, the mainstream media are not going to tell you what happened outside Target Field in Minneapolis on August 3 when a man was savagely beaten by a dozen other men after he resisted their attempt to steal his cellphone.

Why no interest in this heinous crime? Because it did not fit the pre-approved media narrative of white privilege, white supremacy and white racism. That’s because the victim of this brutal attack was white and the attackers were all black and were reportedly Somali refugees as well. Moreover the attack happened in the congressional district of Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Somali refugee who likes to play victim and blame Donald Trump for all the trouble in the world.


I first read about the attack in the New York Post, and I give them credit for writing about it, but they didn’t provide any context for the attack. If you did not look at the video, you would never know who was attacking and who was attacked. Here’s how they led:

Shocking surveillance footage shows a senseless beatdown outside the Minnesota Twins stadium, where a group of thugs throw a man to the ground, pummel him, take off his pants and, at one point, run over him with a bicycle.

The rest of the story was just a description of the attack. Not a word about the attackers possibly being Somalis or about the victim being white. The fact that we don’t know for sure the immigration status of the suspects is itself partly because of the media blackout.

Imagine if the roles had been reversed! This story would have led on every news channel and been on the front pages of every paper in the country.

A few local reports have covered the story appropriately. KSTP reports that a number of suspects were arrested in the case, which followed a pattern of gang related violence and robbery, but still haven’t seen any definitive reporting.

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For the national audience, we are mostly dependent on alternative journalists such as Pam Geller and Ryan Saavedra to get to the bottom of the story. Read their reports and tell your own congressman that you support President Trump’s common sense immigration reforms for a safer America!

UPDATE: Victim of savage beating suffers brain damage. Read more here.


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