Comey and McCabe walking around free is an insult to the rule of law

It’s a case of good news/bad news for Americans who are waiting for accountability in the silent coup waged against President Trump.

We have now learned that both of the top two officials in the Obama era FBI have had criminal referrals sent to the Department of Justice by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. That’s the good news.

We all have known for a long time that the leadership in the FBI was corrupt and politicized. It was pretty obvious from the day when James Comey spelled out the massive illegality of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified data on a private server — and them miraculously said that there would be no charges. Her sins had been wiped clean by Cardinal Comey.

Then in April 2018, the Inspector General filed a criminal referral with federal prosecutors about Comey’s No. 2 at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, charging him with “lack of candor” (aka lying) about his role in leaking information to the press. This was just a small matter compared to everything McCabe had done in the conspiracy against a Trump, but it was a start.

Now, we have just learned that when Horowitz sent his report to the Attorney General about Comey’s role in leaking FBI memos to the New York Times, he included a criminal referral.

But here comes the bad news. Just as McCabe’s referral has not been acted upon for a year and a half, we have no reason to think that the Justice Department will proceed with charges against Comey.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Many analysts think the last show will still drop and that when the current investigation into the start of the Russia probe is completed, that it is inevitable for Comey, McCabe and others to be indicted for their efforts to hinder if not outright overthrow President Trump.

But does anyone out here in the real world really believe it? Probably not. We’ve all seen how the establishment (aka The Swamp) protects its own. I know we all want to trust Attorney General Barr to do the right thing, but remember when we though Attorney General Sessions would do the right thing?

Don’t trust anything until McCabe, Comey, Strzok and others are in jail waiting to have their bail set. If there is really one law for everyone, then justice demands that these conspirators have their day in court.

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One Reply to “Comey and McCabe walking around free is an insult to the rule of law”

  1. The criminal referral of Comey, signalled to HIM that he was going to get away with IT. This prompted him to arrogantly ask for an apology for his role in trying to change the results of an election which, in his delusional mind, should have gone to the extortionist pay-for play expert, Hillary Clinton. That he will walk free is proof of two systems of law. The left-liberal-democrats and the rest of the country. We know the left-leaning-democrats have the loudest voices, the means to personally attack conservatives without threat of censure; they have no values, no morals continue their campaign of non stop smears they know are smears and lies and have no qualms spouting. Clifford Irving used Howard Hughes for his hoax because he THOUGHT Howard Hughes was too much of a recluse to retaliate. The miserable women at the NYT have just outright lied about Kavanaugh by saying he told them he would meet with them but they must say he didn’t meet with them. This is the Howard Hughes model. They say whatever they want because there is a 99% chance he will not respond. Therefore, they can say whatever they want. They, like blasey-ford risk NOTHING with their lies. Instead of being ostracized, they will ALL be waiting for their “close up,” Mr. deMille, as well as their GO FUND ME payoff. What a system we have.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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