WATCH: Sen. Ron Johnson destroys Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press’

The number of Republican senators who can be relied upon to support our great Republican president can be counted on one hand most weeks.

At this point, I’m going to name Ted Cruz of Texas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has been a strong supporter on some issues and a loud critic on others.

The number of turncoat RINO Republicans is much greater, and on any given day might include 90 percent of the caucus.

But that’s why I want to take time to personally thank Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson for showing true courage in the line of fire this weekend when he squared off with Fake News NBC host Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”

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Todd obviously thought that Johnson was going to kowtow to the Deep State Impeachment Coup Crew and demand that Trump resign, but he was totally mistaken. Instead of answering Todd’s first “gotcha question,” Johnson fought back:

JOHNSON: “I have never seen in my lifetime a president, after being elected, have some measure of well-wishes from his opponents. I’ve never seen a presidential administration be sabotage from the day after the election, I’ve never seen [a president getting] no measure of honeymoon whatsoever. What President Trump has had to endure –a false accusation. By the way, when you have John Brennan on, you ought to ask him: what did Peter Stzrok mean when he texted Lisa Page –“

TODD: “What does this have to do with Ukraine?” Todd interrupted. “What does this have to do with Ukraine?”

JOHNSON: “It has everything to do with Ukraine. Six days before that is when we first heard the CIA leaking about Russia supporting the Trump campaign. That is why Trump is so upset. He had this false narrative that resulted in him being set up by James Comey… and now that that has been proven false, he would like to know and I would like to know, where did this all come from? Who planted this false story?”

This was when Todd decide the best solution was to smear Johnson, using the same technique they use to smear Trump, namely say that he hangs out with “Deplorables.”

Todd could barely disguise his disdain for Johnson as he sighed and whined: “Why a Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here, I have no idea.”

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JOHNSON: “It is not that, and that is exactly why President Trump is upset and why his supporters are upset with the news media.”

TODD: “This is not about the media. Senator Johnson, please, can we please… I have no idea why we’re going here. … Can we please answer the question I asked you instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better …

When Todd said that, I could only smile and think of the first stanza of Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” as it perfectly describes the cluelessness of the Mainstream Media and self-important Todd in particular:

You walk into the room with your pencil in your hand

You see somebody naked and you say, “Who is that man?”

You try so hard but you don’t understand

Just what you will say when you get home

Because something is happening here but you don’t know what it is

Do you, Mr. Jones?

Or let’s just end it with “Do you, Mr. Todd?”

Todd also became apoplectic when Johnson told him he did not trust the CIA or the FBI after watching what Strzok and Comey and Brennan had done to Trump in 2016 and 2017.

Please watch the entire interview on YouTube because Johnson deserves it! Perhaps his finest moment. Fight back against the Fake News!


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