WATCH! Elizabeth Warren’s house of lies is finally collapsing

The Democrats are delusional. We all know that, but what if their mass delusion were boiled down and concentrated into one person?

What if that person were willing to say or do anything in order to breathe life into disproven dangerous dogmas that feed the Democratic delusion? What if that person were so divorced from reality that he or she could play any role in order to elicit pity or foment anger?

Sounds like Hillary Clinton, right? But let’s add one more ingredient into the mix — likability — and we will have the perfect Democrat demagogue. Let’s call her Elizabeth Warren.

As you know, the collapse of the Joe Biden candidacy under the weight of the corruption scandal has been accompanied by the rise of Warren, the radical socialist who looks like grandma. It was almost as if Warren was born for this moment — except for one small matter: The Warren we know wasn’t born, she was self-created. She is a construct of the flotsam and jetsam of leftist ideology that has washed up in the platform of the Democratic Party after 30-plus years of George Soros inspired mayhem.

We may never know what — if anything — is authentic in Warren’s persona and public figure, but we are starting to get a grip on how much of her is a sheer audacious invention.

Many people were probably amused by Warren’s decades-long charade as a “woman of color.” After all, Warren may be the whitest woman who ever walked the earth. It’s as though she walked out of the pages of “Little Women” or “Pride and Prejudice.”

Nonetheless, Warren brazenly claimed that she was Native American and was touted as a “diversity hire” by Harvard Law School on the basis of her “high cheek bones” and her excellent story-telling abilities. When she first ran for Congress, this fake identity gained her the nickname “Fauxcahontas” from columnist Howie Carr (later adapted for mass consumption as Pocahontas by candidate Donald Trump).

When Warren finally succumbed to pressure from the president and others and had a DNA test done that proved she is not a Native American at all, many of us assumed that her presidential campaign was through.

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But no, the Democratic voters must have liked her “moxie” for sticking with the Indian hoax for so many years and then actually bragging about being 1/1000th Native American! So instead of vanishing, Warren actually started gaining in the polls, first hurdling past fellow socialist Bernie Sanders and then breathing down Quid Pro Joe Biden’s neck.

No doubt this annoyed Kamala Harris, a genuine “woman of color,” who made the mistake of being born as a real Indian instead of a fake Indian, but sadly the wrong kind of real Indian. (Her mother immigrated from India, and her father was from Jamaica). Eventually Harris may discover the reason she is in low single digits is not because she lacks Warren’s DNA, but because she lacks her ability to lie.

Which brings us to the latest peeling away of the onion that is Elizabeth Warren. You have probably heard her bragging about once having been a special needs teacher and how she loved teaching and had missed her calling. You may have even heard her tell the story about how she got pregnant while she was in her first year of teaching and was cruelly shown the door by a typical male principal who just couldn’t tolerate having a “visibly pregnant” woman on staff.

I suppose if Warren weren’t such a good actress, we might have stopped to question the premise. Heck, in a profession dominated by women, what principal could staff his or her school if they were firing women for getting pregnant?

But, hey, Warren is so convincing that no one ever bothered to question her story, recounted by the Washington Free Press thusly:

Warren’s claim that she was dismissed after her first year of teaching because she was pregnant has become a cornerstone of her stump speeches. She has used it to both explain her jump from teaching into the legal world as well as to showcase the difficulties that women face in the workplace. The principal of the school she worked at in the early 1970s, Warren has said, “showed [her] the door” at the end of the school year because she was “visibly pregnant.”

Umm, no. Not exactly. Not even close! The Free Beacon went to Riverdale, NJ, and obtained the minutes of the Riverdale Board of Education from the early 1970s. Here’s what they found:

Toward the end of Warren’s first year on the job, in April 1971, the board approved her contract for the following school year, the meeting minutes show. Two months later, the meeting minutes indicate that Warren had tendered her resignation.

“The resignation of Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, speech correctionist effective June 30, 1971 was accepted with regret,” the June 16, 1971, minutes say.

This is priceless. One can only hope that Warren will have to accept “with regret” the verdict of the American people that she is just not that likable after all. Then she can get back to rehearsing for her one-woman show called “Why Isn’t Elizabeth Warren President?” Bring two hankies. It’s gonna be a tearjerker.


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