When will women file class-action lawsuit against abortion providers?

Chances are you haven’t heard about the report in the British Journal of Psychiatry that abortion represents a huge threat to women’s mental health.

I myself just stumbled across it by chance on the Internet, and was shocked to see that the story about the report had been published by CBS News. How could a mainstream news organization publish something antithetical to the worldview of its far-left masters?

That was when I saw the date on the story — September 1, 2011 — years before the liberal elites had solidified their control over our culture and information resources. Yet it was as if that CBS story had been dropped into the Memory Hole for all the impact it has had. When is the last time you heard any doctor, any politician, any news anchor worrying about the epidemic of abortion-related stress affecting women?

Of course, abortion is the greatest tragedy of our time, and the greatest human rights abuse of all time. But if society refuses to accept the obvious and acknowledge the humanity of the baby being aborted, surely they can’t make the same argument about the mothers involved.

How could our culture turn a blind eye to the damage being inflicted on women by abortion being legally available? Isn’t there a lawsuit waiting to happen? How is this different from all the lawsuits we’ve seen lately saying that if a drug manufacturer didn’t adequately warn consumers about possible dangers, they could be liable for millions — and now even billions — of dollars in damages?

It isn’t any different, and hopefully some astute lawyer will start a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood to find out when they knew about the dangers of abortion and why they failed to adequately inform their women patients.

Listen to the report on this devastating study as explained by CBS:

“Results indicate quite consistently that abortion is associated with moderate to highly increased risks of psychological problems subsequent to the procedure,” the authors wrote in the study, published in the September 1 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry.

For the study, researchers analyzed data on 877,000 women, including 164,000 who had an abortion. They found women who had an abortion experienced an 81 percent increased risk for mental problems.

Women who had an abortion were 34 percent more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37 percent more likely to experience depression, 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol, 155 percent more likely to commit suicide, and 220 percent more likely to use marijuana.

Nearly 10 percent of the problems could be attributed to abortion, the authors concluded.

I’m not sure how the report’s author, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, could limit the impact of abortion to 10 percent, since that was the variable being studied, but even 10 percent is huge.

Quoting from the online abstract of the report, there is no doubt that Coleman believed her study provided scientific evidence of the post-operative dangers associated with abortion:

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This review offers the largest quantitative estimate of mental health risks associated with abortion available in the world literature. Calling into question the conclusions from traditional reviews, the results revealed a moderate to highly increased risk of mental health problems after abortion. Consistent with the tenets of evidence-based medicine, this information should inform the delivery of abortion services.

It should be noted that even in 2011, CBS News tried to minimize the importance of Coleman’s study by citing earlier studies that had dismissed the danger of abortion.

Previous research hasn’t found a definitive link between an abortion and a woman’s mental health.

In 2008, the American Psychiatric Association charged a task force to review scientific evidence on the link between abortion and mental health. They acknowledged women may experience sadness, grief, depression, and anxiety following an abortion, but could not find evidence abortions – and not other factors – caused these effects.

Yeah right, and smoking tobacco may not really cause that nasty cancer and lung disease. If we pretend it doesn’t, we can buy ourselves decades of immunity from lawsuits, right?

But at some point the hammer has to drop. Legal abortion is not only a great social ill, it is a danger to individual women as well. Sooner or later, it needs to stop.


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