2020 Preview: Far-left protest turns ugly outside Trump rally (VIDEO)

While President Trump was delivering a brilliant speech at the Target Center in Minneapolis, far-left protesters were resorting to violence and intimidation outside.


In addition to surrounding Trump supporters and threatening police, the far-left crazies also built a bonfire out of MAGA caps and other pro-America paraphernalia. Supposedly, the hats had been stolen from Those attending the Trump rally.

Minneapolis is a hotbed of radical leftists and is partly represented by Squad member Ilhan Omar. Do you think the radical socialist congresswoman will condemn this violence? Will the mayor of Minneapolis, who said he didn’t want the president to speak in his city? You know they won’t. Minneapolis already has a growing reputation for lawlessness. Watch this beating for evidence of the dangers:


You know the Mainstream Media won’t have time to cover this despicable behavior, which is no doubt a harbinger of what is to come in 2020. CNN was too busy last night with their marathon 2020 Democrat townhall on the burning subject of transgenderism to cover the president or the riot.

Folks, the coup has support in Congress among the Democrats and some Republicans, they have most of the media and they have the streets. This is a formula for disaster if left unchecked. I don’t know if anyone will ever organize the pro-Constitution Americans who support this president, but if we don’t make our voices heard soon, we may be living in a post-democracy America.


Write or call your Congress members and tell them you support this president and oppose impeachment.

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Watch Stuart Varney implore Americans to fight back against the Washington by imitation of the left:



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4 Replies to “2020 Preview: Far-left protest turns ugly outside Trump rally (VIDEO)”

  1. Yes, for those who have never done so, writing to or phoning the office staff of our Congress people is a satisfying step in the right direction; as well, courageously, seizing every opportunity to clarify hot button issues and defend our duly elected president ,whether it be in local or national op eds or, simply, while chatting with tourists in our neighborhood, coffee houses. As always, thanks, Frank, for helping us to focus.

  2. Trump is absolutely correct as he called out the Democrats, media, and the Radical Left as really sick people! They are just that, ‘really sick individuals loaded with anger and hate’. I guess this is the core of their ‘social justice’ as they and the mayor slime those whom they disagree at the expense of decency, and truth. These are the enemies of America; they are not friends to anyone except the Democrats, who as well do not seem to be friendly to America as they tout their socialist views. . RLS

  3. President Trump spends a tremendous amount of money on security, but maybe he could expend a little more to protect his supporters who could not be admitted to his venues due to the massive number of people wanting to hear him. A long line of uniformed, armed guards surrounding the people standing outside the venue would probably deter the anti-Trumpers from criminal actions, such as shown in the above video. Stealing and burning those hats represent a lot of money for the average attendee. Or perhaps he could get different groups to act as security guards.

    1. Probably a good idea but the left-wing media would designate the security guards as Brown Shirts or worse, and as soon as they fought back against rioters they would be condemned as racists!

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