WATCH: Trump fights back against ‘bulls—t impeachment’; crowd goes wild

President Trump is a remarkable man for many reasons, but one thing that distinguishes him from most mere mortals is his astounding resilience.

Let’s face it. Most of us thought he was toast after Billy Bush and the infamous “Access Hollywood” video surfaced as the October surprise in 2016. Any other politician would have crumbled. His advisers were telling him his best option was to quit the race and let Mike Pence take over. Instead two days later, at the second presidential debate, Trump punched back.

As you remember, he met the press prior to the debate with three victims of sexual assault or harassment by Bill Clinton and accused Hillary Clinton of enabling her husband’s abusive behavior. The nation’s collective draw dropped! Clearly you should not attack Donald Trump without expecting to be hit back — hard.

So maybe the Democrats haven’t learned that lesson yet. Their incessant impeachment charades have been tolerated long enough. Now with just a little more that a year till the 2020 election, President Trump is fighting back.

His two recent campaign rallies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Lake Charles, Louisiana, were raucous wild love fests, where ordinary Americans gathered en masse to support their president and boo the Democratic Deep State Witch Hunt against him.

Trump did not disappoint. He lit into the media, “little Adam Schiff,” “nervous Nancy Pelosi, the Fake Whistleblower and more. To top it off, at the Lake Charles rally he denounced the Democrats’ “illegal and invalid, unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.” That politically incorrect summation has the DC talking heads in an uproar, but you can see by the crowd reaction, that Trump voters approve of it mightily!

Watch the entire video to see Trump lay into the infamous FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and their “insurance policy” to destroy Trump — or skip to the end to watch the president refer beautifully and with great delight to barnyard excrement.

By the way, it wasn’t the first time that Trump has called “bullshit” on the Dems. Read here about his speech at CPAC in March.

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2 Replies to “WATCH: Trump fights back against ‘bulls—t impeachment’; crowd goes wild”

  1. Your five worst commentators on Fox was absolutely right on. You identified Juan as sort of a benign liberal because that’s the role he is playing (even though many in his family are Republican), and Dana is trying hard to just report the facts but her Bush-bias often cripples her manner of speech, but I think she is less huffy and self righteous than she used to be. Chris Wallace is a snake who thinks he is much smarter than the poor stupid conservatives and when Trump has been proven to be right, over and over again, you can see it pains him to report it. But yes, yes, yes. Shepherd Smith leaving can only be surpassed by Paul Ryan leaving. We see his hand in a lot of the new stuff. Plus, watch Bret Baier. He often sounds like that mindless “Chris Matthews.”
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. Your comments were right on the mark: “To top it off, at the Lake Charles rally he denounced the Democrats’ “illegal and invalid, unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.” That politically incorrect summation has the DC talking heads in an uproar, but you can see by the crowd reaction, that Trump voters approve of it mightily!” Well said! His resilience is terrific. I often mention that I was born one day after President Trump. I am the same age, in good health and I exercise. However, President Trump’s resilience, deep fund of knowledge, ability to multi, multi, multi-task, constant meetings, research, negotiations, travel around the world, AND energy is a national treasure. What the Democrats have done, and how President Trump has responded, causes hypocrites to blush, but if it were me, i.e., scolded, insulted, persecuted, stalked, and lied about every day and every hour, I wouldn’t have had the stamina and humor he has shown. What the media moguls have done by sending out their minions like Chris Matthews and the Scarborough fool, should be spoken of in easy words for everyone to understand. UNAMERICAN. Unconstitutional, of course, but UnAmerican, illegal, devious and sick – as befits the media moguls, their Democrat conspirators, their so- called leadership, they are sick. Thank God President Trump is looking at the games Peter Schweitzer has been writing about. The graft, collusion, blackmail, extortion, and money grubbing which Americans have learned to accept, ignore, and expect, are actually being identified, starting with the biggest offenders, Hillary and Biden. Nobody, Republicans or Democrats, wants the snakes uncovered when the rocks are lifted. Where is Obama? In his multi- million dollar homes?

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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