Did Rep. Ilhan Omar join anti-Trump riot in Minneapolis?

The most interesting story you won’t read about in the left-wing Corrupt Media today is the allegation that Rep. Ilhan Omar was present at the anti-Trump riot in her home district of Minneapolis on Thursday.

The Gateway Pundit has published video evidence that shows a woman who looks extraordinarily like Omar at the protest, which turned violent. The woman is wearing a burqa, and so her face is partially obscured, but Omar is a Muslim and frequently is seen in Islamic garb.

Gateway Pundit enlisted a facial recognition expert, who said the evidence available suggests that the woman is Omar, with a likelihood of certainty at 51 percent.

Moreover, also present with the woman at the rally is a man who looks suspiciously like Omar’s aide and lover Tim Mynett. Facial recognition technology is even more certain — at 71 percent certainty — that the man at the riot IS Mynett.

Facial recognition also suggests a 56 percent certainty that Isra Hirsi (Omar’s daughter) was present in video from the scene as well.

The likelihood of three people all being present at the rally who just happen to be lookalikes for the trio is no doubt infinitesimal. I suppose we need to consider the possibility of “deep fakes,” but that is highly unlikely considering the time frame of the video being released so quickly after the event.

Omar is denying the allegation by claiming that she was in Morocco at the time of Trump’s rally. Her post on Twitter to that effect was posted on Saturday afternoon. I would hope some journalist can convince her to turn over her itinerary from that trip which confirms her byline. I’m sure she will if the evidence exonerates her!


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