Mulvaney’s masterful presser includes bonus snub of ‘rude’ Jim Acosta

I loved the way Mick Mulvaney handled his press conference today — the first since he took over as White House chief of staff in December 2018.

Mulvaney was running interference on the decision to hold the upcoming G7 conference at the Trump Doral resort, knowing full well that the Media Mob and the Coup Crew in Congress would demand a new article of impeachment over the so-called emoluments violation.

Mulvaney basically told the mob “We know you are not going to like this decision, but we are doing it anyway … so go suck an egg!”

Then he got on to the inevitable Ukraine and Syria questions and was straightforward and adamant in his defense of the president.

In the midst of answering a question from ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Mulvaney was interrupted by CNN showboat Jim Acosta, who was summarily dismissed. (About 2:24 on my YouTube video.)

Then when Mulvaney was moving on to the next question, Acosta tried to shove his way ahead of the selected questioner, shouting a question about Biden. (About 2:50 on the video.)

But Mulvaney was having none of it, saying that Acosta was “being very rude,” and asking the real questioner to continue.

Slow burn for Acosta, who a minute later, when the press conference ended, shouted to Mulvaney’s back, “Why are you afraid to take questions from CNN?”

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LOL! That’s not fear, Jim — it is absolute, utter disdain!

If you need to know more, I suggest you check out the Project Veritas expose of CNN’s blatant anti-Trump bias. Jeff Zucker isn’t running a news station; he’s the Goebbels of Democratic propaganda.


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