Why don’t you know who the whistleblower is? (Part 1)

It’s now more than a month since we first learned of the existence of a whistleblower who had second-hand information (much of it incorrect) which is being used as the basis of impeaching the president of the United States.

We’ve learned a lot about Ukraine since then, and even more about the Bidens and their corruption. We’ve seen the transcript of the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine, which only in small measure comported with the lurid claims of the CIA whistleblower.

But what we haven’t seen is the whistleblower. Why?

President Trump asked that question yesterday at a White House press conference.

“Do we have to protect somebody that gave a totally false account of my conversation?” Trump asked. “I don’t know. You tell me.”

He was asking a reporter, which is a pointless exercise since reporters these days have license to make up facts to fit their narrative. As an example, here’s what USA Today reported in response to Trump’s query:

“House Democrats conducting the impeachment inquiry say federal laws are designed to protect the identities of whistleblowers.”

They could have — but of course didn’t — note that the House Democrats made that claim “without evidence.” But of course the Resistance Media reserves that phrase only to be applied to Donald Trump’s own statements about Democratic corruption.

But USA Today not only lied about the Whistleblower Protection Act, they buttressed their fake argument by emphasizing the phrase “protect the identities of whistleblowers” and linking it to a second story where presumably we would read about how the law protects whistleblowers’ identities.

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Hah! Not so! The link just referred back to an October 2 story by Jeanine Santucci that described in part President Trump’s desire to confront his accuser (as demanded by centuries of common law and the Constitution). The story did not contain one word of explanation for why the whistleblower’s identity is secret, nor any evidence that “federal laws are designed to protect the identities of whistleblowers.”

That’s because it’s a lie.

The Whistleblower Protection Act protects federal employees from retaliation or threats of retaliation by their employers. It does not provide anonymity, and it does not preclude the consequence of the whistleblower being subject to scrutiny by the press or public.

So why don’t you know who the whistleblower is? Why can Reps. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi get away with running their impeachment investigation behind closed doors? Why is exculpatory evidence being withheld from the public? Why are the connections between the whistleblower and Schiff — not to mention Biden — being talked about only in online blogs and not the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post?

The answers, of course, are obvious, and they all point in the same direction — the fix is in. Just as the Democrats with the help of the Deep State intelligence agencies manufactured evidence of Trump “colluding” with Russia, so too the Democrats with the help of the Deep State whistleblower have manufactured an impeachment narrative that only makes sense in the darkness where democracy goes to die.

You don’t know who the whistleblower is because once you know him, and once you can cross-examine him, it will become apparent that the entire Ukrainian Impeachment Hoax is a Mission Impossible style diversion intended to discredit the victim (Trump) just before the victim goes public with the evidence of being wronged (i.e., the Horowitz report and the Durham investigation) by the U.S. spy agencies. If Trump is impeached, then his claims of being set up by the Deep State can be dismissed as the desperate delusional inventions of a man grasping at straws to save his own skin.

Sadly, the American public seems incapable of understanding that Trump is the last man standing against the illegal seizure of power by a small band of politicians and bureaucrats. Trump isn’t trying to save his own skin, but rather the republic itself. Ironically, it is not oligarchs in Russia or the Ukraine who are trying to subvert our elections — it is the oligarchs in Washington, DC, the politicians who have amassed huge wealth and the bureaucrats who have amassed huge power.

(Next: What we know about the whistleblower that Adam Schiff doesn’t want us to know.)


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5 Replies to “Why don’t you know who the whistleblower is? (Part 1)”

  1. It is a sadness for our citizenry that we have to deal with such nonsense from the Democrats. Their candidates are loonie and and the Inquiry is as well. Lies, lies, lies backed by the media who spew this daily pablum to their backers. It is so shameful that I wonder how an American citizen can do it and how does the public stand it. I am hoping for a major reckoning at the next election. If not, then we are finished as the nation we have been. A Nation cannot survive if it loses its virtue as that was the major fear of our Founders. It appears that at least 50% of the nation has done so. RLS

    1. I share your concern, but I have a lingering hope that if a radical Dem gets elected, he or she will destroy the economy quick enough to awaken the public to the need to dump socialism and the Dems who support it.

  2. The Whistleblower can destroy the reputation and presidency of our lawfully elected President, Mr. Trump, with no more than hearsay chatter. But President Trump is 100% right in calling the schiff-Pelosi illegal proceedings a lynching. What else can it be? What else describes someone being wrongfully charged and found guilty without due process? It is not just reserved for how the southern Democrats treated the African American population in the 1800’s and 1900’s. If the offended people are so overwrought over the gerund, how much more offended would they be if THEY were accused every day, every hour, every minute of the day of any and all types of heinous crimes? I agree with the President and since not one republican brainiac can figure out a lawful way to stop the unlawful kangaroo court, then it is, indeed, a lynching.

    Mr. Miele posted President Trump’s question, but not one republican has come up with ANYTHING. “Do we have to protect somebody that gave a totally false account of my conversation?” Trump asked. “I don’t know. You tell me.”


    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  3. One more thought about the so-called whistleblower: there are NO secrets in D.C. We will eventually learn the person’s name. I agree with one of the scenarios which the President suggested. The whistleblower statement was written by Adam Schiff or WAS Adam Schiff. If Christine Blasey Ford could outright lie in order to fulfill her savior complex and be a hero to the Democrats PLUS pocket $700,000 in a “GoFundMe” account which she claimed not to know anything about (while under oath), Adam schiff might have the same savior complex.
    He never tweets about President Trump without calling him corrupt and unethical which comes from Schiff judging President Trump by his own lack of ethics and standards, then Schiff, indeed, has the hero complex and will say and do anything to remove and replace President Trump. Pierre should be tweeting soon about how mitt Romney would make a much better president…..all the phonies come out of the woodwork with Schiff.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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