WOW! Rand Paul rips into media, Congress over impeachment farce: ‘Do Your Job!’

It was just another brilliant MAGA rally by our brilliant president on Monday night in Lexington, Kentucky, when suddenly Sen. Rand Paul blasted it into the stratosphere!

Paul was called up to the stage by President Trump to say a few words, but what happened next was explosive and totally unexpected.

YouTube has banned my original video of Rand Paul’s fiery speech because I named the whistleblower in my description. Beware the Memory Hole.

I reloaded the video without the whistleblower’s name. Now I’m waiting to see if I am going to be canceled again:

It was the equivalent of the moment in the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearing when Lindsey Graham called bullshit on the Democratic smear machine. Only difference is that no one trusts Lindsey to do the right thing consistently but Rand Paul has earned the respect of conservatives for years of fighting the good fight.

After saying that President Trump has shown great courage in fighting the Fake News Media, Paul said, “Congress needs to step up and have equal courage to defend the president.”

The applause was huge! When he went on to describe Hunter Biden as the textbook definition of corruption, the crowd went crazy.

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He then went on to talk about the whistleblower, noting that we now know his name. It’s Eric Ciaramella, and you can read more about his shady background in reporting by Paul Sperry here. Paul didn’t name the whistleblower, but he said the public has every right to know.

“The whistleblower needs to come before Congress as a material witness because he worked with Joe Biden at the same time Hunter Biden was getting money from corrupt oligarchs” in the Ukraine.

“I say tonight to the media — Do your job and print his name!”

The crowd broke into a spontaneous chant of “Do your job,” which was a beautiful thing to behold.

But Paul wasn’t through. He then challenged Congress and the Republicans in DC to “step up and subpoena Hunter Biden and subpoena the whistleblower!”

This was a great moment. Hopefully it galvanized Republicans and ignites a movement to fight back against the fake corrupt impeachment scam and eventually take back the House and send Nancy Pelosi looking for a new job.

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One Reply to “WOW! Rand Paul rips into media, Congress over impeachment farce: ‘Do Your Job!’”

  1. Hahahahaaaaaaa!! That was GREAT! Hahaha! Trump made that surprised expression it took him off guard.
    Rand doesn’t strike me as much of a showman, I just genuinely think he’s fed up, as he should be and as so many of us are…that little speech was pretty uncharacteristic of him. And it cracked me up that he said “Shifty Schiff”, lol!
    Rand has never seemed an enthusiastic supporter of our President, but I think he sees…well, basically that Trump is the man for the hour and sees what he is trying to accomplish for our country and the American people.
    Really enjoyed this.

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