Hey Sen. Schumer, here’s the whistleblower in plain sight! Don’t pretend you can’t see him!


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he doesn’t know who the Fake whistleblower is, and he wants help figuring it out (NOT really!). Here are Schumer’s words from a press conference Tuesday:

 “Whistleblowers should be protected, period. Period. And no one knows who he is, or if you do, you should let me know.”

Happy to oblige, you blustering blowhard! I figured it out in Montana while sitting in my recliner. Hard to believe you can’t do the same with all the resources of the Senate at your disposal.

So get ready, Senator. The whistleblower is a weasel named Eric Ciaramella, a 33-year-old CIA analyst who — like many 30-something-year-olds — thinks he knows better than everyone else, and that the rules don’t apply to him. Typical “entitlement” mentality.

It doesn’t help that he is being coddled by the Democrats and Resistance Media into thinking he is “entitled” to “protection” in the form of anonymity. Not at all. He is protected from harassment or payback by his employer, not from being held up for ridicule and scorn by the American public. He made his choice to try to bring down the president, and now he needs to pay the piper.

I wrote about Ciaramella being the whistleblower weeks ago, and I was weeks behind others who knew. Then Paul Sperry put all the pieces together and published the full story of Ciaramella’s connections to Joe Biden, Ukraine and the anti-Trump Resistance. Sperry isn’t just some blogger from Montana; he’s tied into the power structure in DC and his article at Real Clear Investigations was no doubt read by every congressional staffer down to the janitors. If Schumer wanted to know who the whistleblower was, all he had to do was ask.

And of course he does know. What is really galling is that Schumer is still using the old political playbook where you can lie straight-faced to the American public about anything and we are just supposed to nod and look away.

Sorry, Charlie! That doesn’t work anymore.

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