Bowing down to the coup: Fox News plays ball with Deep State and won’t name whistleblower

In case you needed any more evidence that Fox News is no longer a source of news that conservatives can trust, we found out yesterday that Fox has supposedly ordered its on-air hosts and contributors not to identify the Ukraine whistleblower even though everyone knows it is Eric Ciaramella.

You can take this report with a grain of salt considering the source is CNN’s Brian Stelter, but isn’t it weird that no one has named Ciaramella on Fox? Yes, they have dropped clues, but no one seems willing to even speculate on the whistleblowers’ identity. There was certainly no such restraint in protecting Edward Snowden among other famous whistleblowers in the past.

According to CNN:

Fox News hosts and personalities have been instructed over the last several days not to identify the whistleblower whose complaint sparked an impeachment probe against President Trump, people familiar with the matter told CNN Business.

Several hosts and commentators on the network who have been supportive of President Trump seem to want to name the person they believe to be the whistleblower, but Fox’s guidelines have said not to do so.

… on October 31, a Fox executive sent an email to staffers that said the network had not “independently confirmed [the] name or identification of the anonymous whistleblower.” A copy of the email was obtained by CNN Business.

The executive further advised production staffers to “NOT fulfill any video or graphic requests” related to the whistleblower’s identity.

Such guidance has been extended to Fox’s prime time talk shows, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Hosts like Sean Hannity have been told not to name the person they believe to be whistleblower on the air.

It seems like an accurate report, and it is a sad state of affairs. It means that a Fox News is playing ball with the Deep State and the Resistance Media in shielding Ciaramella, who seems to be a pawn in a long-planned effort to “Get Trump.”

Confirming that yesterday was the report by Ryan Saavedra at the Daily Wire that the whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid has been targeting Trump for years. In response to a tweet by CNN’s Jake Tapper early in 2017, Zaid called for a coup and impeachment:

Zaid was defending anti-Trumper Sally Yates who was part of the Resistance at the Justice Department, but his long-term goal was clear. He was just waiting for his “Ukrainian Candidate” to follow through on his ambitious plan to overthrow the president.

There was plenty of opportunity to recruit saboteurs from within the White House. Remember, many staffers stay on the job as administrations roll over. You can see the dismay in this picture of White House staffers as they listen to President Obama in the wake of learning that Hillary Clinton won’t be president after all. Peaceful transition of power? Or beginning of the coup? The expressions say it all.


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