A front-row seat for Impeachment Wednesday

Well, I’ve got my coffee and doughnuts and a front-row seat for Impeachment Wednesday, as the Deep State Swampers take the field to challenge the undefeated Swamp Drainers (aka Donald J. Trump and team).

What am I looking for?

First, which Republicans will show up? If it’s the hands-off, polite and by-the-books Republicans, then the home team will start down by a touchdown or two. Since Team Captain Trump is banned from the field of play, it’s up to his teammates to go on offense and Drain the Swamp on their own. Devin Nunes has the capacity to shine, but sometimes he has a hard time harnessing the energy he needs. Remember, “right is might.”

Second, how much artistic license will Swamper Captain Adam “Shifty” Schiff take in laying out the facts? Last time these two teams met, Schiff overplayed his hand badly by using a playbook written in Hollywood. If he tries to use fake facts against Trump today, the GOP Swamp Drainers should be ready to crush them.

Third, how much do the referees (the media) tip the scale by throwing flags against the Trump team? It’s obvious that Trump cannot get any help from the media referees. The question is how much will the public tolerate in seeing that the game is rigged?

I’ll report back throughout the day as either team scores.


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