MUST READ: Glenn Beck shows how Ukraine is linchpin of Left’s globalist agenda

Like me, you may not have paid much attention to Glenn Beck recently, but you need to. Beck has put together a comprehensive explanation of why the impeachment inquiry could help to unravel the Democrats’ socialist agenda, and why Ukraine holds the key to the plot against America.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first I want to acknowledge that with his show on Fox News, Beck helped to wake me up to the dangers of the Left and to see particularly that the modern Left was the invention of a decades-old Progressive movement that aimed to undermine the Constitution.

In 2009 and 2010, his show was must-watch TV as Glenn connected the dots between the radical left of the 1960s, the globalist cabal led by George Soros, and the Democratic agenda under Barack Obama and his allies in Congress.

Then something happened. Beck suffered from a variety of ailments, real or imagined, that distracted him from his main focus on politics. He also started to envision himself as the leader of a movement that would unify America, but instead made him look like a deluded charlatan. Eventually he left Fox News and started his own TV, radio and web company under the unified title of Blaze. For the most part he also became irrelevant to America’s restless conservative movement.

It didn’t help any when he became a virulent Never Trumper in 2016. He burned a lot of bridges with his antics in support of Ted Cruz, but like some other Never Trumpers, Beck came to see the error of his ways. In 2018, Beck said Trump’s record was “pretty amazing,” donned a Make America Great Again hat, and predicted a Trump victory in 2020.

If you’ve read this far, you are probably somewhat interested in what Beck is doing now. The good news is that he has resumed his investigation of the global entity he calls Crime Inc. and most importantly he has provided a detailed explanation of how Ukraine is the nexus of an anti-American conspiracy with billionaire George Soros at its center.

You can read a short form version of the story on called “‘The Democrats’ Hydra: Here are the FACTS about the impeachment inquiry, Soros, Ukraine.” (Look for the BlazeTV video when you visit that link.)

Beck puts together what he calls “conspiracy facts” to show that Obama was playing ball with George Soros to control Ukraine, and that Trump got in the way of the plans being steered by State Department Deep Staters like those who testified at Wednesday’s impeachment hearing. Here’s the crux of Beck’s research:

Why is the U.S. Embassy, and by extension the State Department, working with George Soros? What do they have to gain from this relationship? Let me ask you this: have you noticed where all the people that have been called to testify against Donald Trump in the impeachment inquiry have come from? They’re ALL career diplomats. They’re all privy to what went down in the months leading up to the Ukrainian Coup, and everything that went down from then up until Donald Trump. And this includes, if the rumors are correct, the whistleblower, whom everyone in Washington believes is Eric Ciaramella.

Ciaramella is a CIA analyst, and was on the NSC during the Trump Administration as a Ukraine expert. He was later kicked out of the White House for leaking information and pushing Russia collusion hoaxes. He also worked directly with DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa who was tasked with working alongside the Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S. to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. And if all of this isn’t enough to discredit him as a witness, he ALSO worked alongside Joe Biden when he was made the “point man” in Ukraine. It’s becoming all too painfully obvious why Adam Schiff doesn’t want anyone talking to this guy.

Why are all these State Department officials, and CIA/NSC staffers so scared of Donald Trump poking around in Ukraine? I wonder … does it have anything to do with the financing of some of these groups like the Soros funded NGO? I pointed out in my mega chalkboard that Ukrainian prosecutors claimed to have evidence that over SEVEN BILLION had been misappropriated. Is this part of that, because that’s kind of important here. And would it also be important, or relevant, if the people currently involved in impeachment were dealing with these funds that were being given to groups like the Soros NGO?

Beck goes into much more detail, with lots of documentation, so if you haven’t been following the Ukraine story closely, this a great primer. Make sure you scroll down past the end of the new story to see Beck’s Nov. 5 post “Dissecting the Great Ukraine Lie,” which includes a massive timeline with documentation.

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If reading all of this is too much for you, then take the guided tour with Beck’s nearly two-hour video from called “The Democrats’ Hydra.” (NOTE: If link stops working, click here and scroll down to look for embedded video.) Don’t get put off by the opening six minute exhortation to vote: just skip ahead till 5:45 minutes in the video when Beck appears. I promise you will learn a lot, and then you will be sure to vote against Democrats and for Donald Trump. Not that there was ever any doubt!


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10 Replies to “MUST READ: Glenn Beck shows how Ukraine is linchpin of Left’s globalist agenda”

  1. Excellent article describing the contribution by Glenn Beck. I hadn’t retired at the time I started watching the Glenn Beck Show on Fox and he never failed to educate me in ways the other networks were not, and I was watching CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN at that time. His chalk board, naming and describing the 33 then 34 Czars Obama appointed “over” his cabinet members, was unbelievable! His history of George Soros was frightening. I never heard of the Czars or George Soros at that time and the more I learned, the worse I felt. One day, he quietly announced on his show that he had been warned that what he was saying on his show would be and could be considered “SEDITION.” Soon after that, he was off the air. I was glad he resurfaced, became successful, and had his shows and network. Then he preached stuff I couldn’t get on board with, then came back to his base. I am glad he is supporting Trump and hope it helps the country because during the obamma-years, things were bleak, and now there is Hope.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

    1. Thanks for your wonderful overview of the old Glenn Beck CHALKBOARD sessions on Fox. I too experienced the same emotions of horror, could not believe Americans were so blind to vote for Obama.
      Tere, California

      1. Obama wasn’t elected he was selected by the powers to be to do the crap that he did. Don’t think for a second that can’t manipulate the voting system in this country. Except it didn’t work in Trump’s case which is a miracle.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Looks like they disabled the link I was using. I will link back to the original article with a note that you need to scroll down to watch the video.

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