Adam Schiff is the only witness Adam Schiff needs to hear from

Why bother hearing from witnesses? Adam Schiff can just tell us what happened. Let the great Schiff Show begin!

Schiff’s opening statement at the third impeachment hearing today was just a different form of the bogus narrative that he read into the record weeks ago — his version of why “Orange Man Bad.” It is astounding that Schiff continues to push the narrative that Donald Trump is an enemy of the people while at the same time the country is thriving, our foreign policy is more sane and logical than it has been in decades, and millions of people love our president.

Meanwhile, Devin Nunes tried to smash the glass on the fire alarm and alert the American people to the flames of fakery that are being fanned by Democrats like Schiff. What about the facts, Nunes asked. Will the Democrats or the press ever tell the people about the real threats to our country that were active in Ukraine? Will they tell about the corruption? Will we ever hear from Hunter Biden? Will we be allowed to hear from the whistleblower who threw the first stone at the president?

No, no and no.

The  impeachment hearings are under way for Day 3 of the Greatest Scam on Earth.

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2 Replies to “Adam Schiff is the only witness Adam Schiff needs to hear from”

  1. Once, again, during the bogus opening statement, Schiff is not held to a standard that we are. He lies, puts his spin on reports, and puts 2nd and 3rd hand information into the “Record.” I wish Devon Nunes had read the ENTIRE July transcript for “The Record,” so that Schiff’s version is not in everyone’s memory. Schiff accuses President Trump of what he and his lying, and devious co-workers, themselves, have done and continue to do. Schiff and the people he surrounds himself with are so power hungry and resent that President Trump was already a successful business man before trying to save our country that his eyes get wider and steam comes out of his ears. Poor man. I hope pride goes before his fall because Schiff’s pride is difficult to swallow.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. I certainly do not want to disparage Colonel Vindman, but by Adam Schiff’s criteria, Vindman, himself, was actually more likely to be the “Puppet of Putin,” or “Russian Agent,” than Donald J. Trump. If Vindman was so concerned about “Aid to Ukraine,” why didn’t he voice his concern when Obama sent superficial help? As Schiff said to illicit a cute image, “Vindman came to the United States when he was a TODDLER.” The Democrats make Yovanovitch look like a perfume clerk at Macy’s while liberal media tell us she has a strong spine and she’s one tough woman” and Schiff makes the overweight desk jockey – with the purple heart – sound like a poor little kid BUT A wounded soldier. Which is it? Schiff gives off a lot is schizophrenic vibes, and I’ve been in the psych businesd a long time to recognize it. Plus Paranoia. Very troubling.
    The current bogus, illegal, and fraudulent hearing is the Democrats attempt to get FREE FACE TIME on all the cable and regular stations, free time on all the “Google” outlets and whatever is streaming, to further their re-election efforts. An IMPEACHMENT hearing, get this…to further their own personal and Political interests. The “only” thing they resented but learned from President Trump’s run for president is that they didn’t think of it sooner, that they can use their liberal media to advertise their agenda for FREE, and advance their own political careers FOR FREE. Schiff, Swallwell and Pelosi have enjoyed ENORMOUS power. They don’t want to share it and they don’t want to lose it. This is, indeed, a “power corrupts absolutely” issue.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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