Tonight’s Democratic debate is collateral damage of impeachment farce

As Wednesday’s sham impeachment hearing dragged on into the early evening, it became obvious that one significant casualty would be the Democratic presidential debate being held on MSNBC.

Even if the hearing ended before the 9 pm EST scheduled start time of the debate, it would likely have left the politically inclined audience members exhausted after 12 hours of impeachment warfare.

You can also expect a large part of the potential debate audience to remain tuned into debate coverage on CNN and Fox News rather than switch to the now almost irrelevant debate.

Concerns about swallowing up the debate may account for the last-minute decision of the Democrat majority to do away with the 90 minute opening round of questions from majority and minority counsels. Hard to believe Comrade Schiff would make a decision for purely base partisan political purposes, but there you have it!

What’s funny is that this Democratic debate ratings debacle is a foretaste of what the Democratic challengers will face in early 2020 if the House really pursues the insane strategy of impeaching President Trump. Namely, two of the leading candidates for the Democrat nomination and four minor candidates will be sidelined from the campaign trail for 4-8 weeks while they serve as jurors during the impeachment trial.

That includes Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Michael Bennett. Not serving in the jury is Joe Biden, but he might well be a witness in the trial due to his involvement with Ukrainian corruption. The most obvious beneficiary of this scheduling mess will be Mayor Pete Buttigieg and minor candidates like Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard.

Will the Democrats learn from today’s mistake and decide to forego impeachment in order to protect their presidential candidates from being sabotaged? Unlikely. The Democrats don’t seem to learn from much of anything.


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