RINO, thy name is Gov. Brian Kemp; don’t turn your back on Trump!

Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia may well surpass Mitt Romney as the political ingrate of the year.

Kemp won office in 2018 by an incredibly narrow margin over the radical socialist Democrat Stacey Abrams. If it were not for the efforts of President Donald Trump and other conservatives, Georgia would now be in the hands of the radical left.

Yet Kemp has decided to backstab Trump and conservative Republican voters by appointing a left-wing Mitt-Romney-supporting Republican to the Senate seat being vacated by Johnny Isakson due to ill health.

Trump and all conservatives have been asking Kemp to appoint Rep. Doug Collins to the seat. Collins has been outstanding as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee in fighting Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi as they attempt to overthrow President Trump. If he were to have a chance to fill Isakson’s seat for the remainder of his term, he would be in great shape to be elected on his own in 2020 and then re-elected to a full term in 2022.

Instead Kemp has decided he is smarter than everyone else and he wants to appoint a “moderate” Republican to the seat even though she will probably turn out to be a vote against President Trump just like Romney, Susan Collins and the Alaskan Cryptkeeper Lisa Murkowski.

Despite a personal plea from Trump, Kemp’s choice is financial executive Kelly Loeffler, and he is expected to announce her appointment next week just as Collins will have center stage at the next round of impeachment hearings. Here’s how Gateway Pundit reported on the “horrible” situation:

The meeting was described by Breitbart News as “not going well”. While it is ultimately Governor Kemp’s decision, the fact that he is openly considering Kellie Loeffler, is quite concerning. Through her business endeavors, including a women’s basketball franchise, Loeffler has promoted Planned Parenthood. Personally, Loeffler has donated nearly a $1,000,000 to Mitt Romney’s disastrous 2012 presidential campaign and hundreds of thousands of dollars to fellow NeverTrump leader Paul Ryan’s campaigns and PACs.

That’s a Never Trumper trifecta: Planned Parenthood, Mitt Romney and a Paul Ryan! Sheesh!

This IS your father’s Republican Party, and it demonstrates why so many of us have no faith in Republicans to do the right thing. They are the party of compromise with principle, which explains why before Trump came along they were also the party wearing a “Kick Me” sign on their back.

If Kemp goes forward with his idiotic plan, it just ensures that not only Loeffler will be primaried by Collins in 2020, but that Kemp himself will be primaried in 2022 as well. We don’t need Republicans who want to play ball with Democrats. No way. No how.

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One comment on “RINO, thy name is Gov. Brian Kemp; don’t turn your back on Trump!

  1. Kemp nominating an obvious Trump hater is bad. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Paul Ryan and his adoration of mitt is indicative of these people waiting in the weeds for their moment. Loeffler spent a ton of money on mitt and Paul Ryan and sees them as saving the day and making her the “first” female ‘whatever’ in their cabinet. Bad. Very bad. Zeke

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