Bullock bows out of presidential race; even windmills get a chuckle

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock just dropped out of the presidential race.

Let me know if you are surprised.

Even I — a political analyst based in Montana — could find absolutely no reason to take seriously Bullock’s doomed campaign. I wrote about him in May as a warning to the nation that he was a typical Democratic RAM (Radical Acting Moderate), but his problem with the radical left is that they actually bought his act. Even a fake moderate has no place in the New Democratic Party!

Bullock never surpassed one percent in the national polls. He was always tilting at windmills, and his problem is that the windmills were winning!

At this point, Bullock is claiming he won’t run for Senate against Republican Steve Daines. If that’s true, it’s probably because he has been offered a high-paying slot somewhere in the Democrat Political-Media Matrix. He’ll be out of office by the end of next year, but that gives him plenty of time to screw up Montana quite a bit more before he leaves.

Fortunately, the Republican Legislature is not in session or they would hand him more victories on the way out the door. But that’s another story.


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