Schiff’s folly: President’s ‘misconduct’ consists of being president

I know I just said I wouldn’t bother to read the idiotic Impeachment Inquiry Report, but I couldn’t resist peeking at it. The good news, I think, is that the president gave the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves.

I was particularly interested in what the report calls “the baseless smear campaign” against former US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Of course, the reason it is baseless, according to Adam Schiff and his fellow gangsters, is because Yovanovitch says it is.

The point to remember is that this is supposed to be an accounting of things that justify President Trump being removed from office. According to the Constitution, that can only happen upon presenting convincing evidence  of “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” On the other hand, the president can remove an ambassador for any reason or no reason at all. That’s what the president did, exercising his constitutional authority.

Yet an account of President Trump removing Yovanovitch from Ukraine is chapter one of the report’s main section entitled “The President’s Misconduct.” Huh? How can it be misconduct to do what you are legally entitled to do?

A lot of the clues to the illogic are found in the report’s one summaries. For instance, the alleged smear campaign is described as follows: “The campaign publicized conspiracy theories that benefited the President’s personal political interests and undermined official U.S. policy, some of which the President raised during his July 25 call with the President of Ukraine.”

So we are supposed to believe that the president, following his constitutional authority to withdraw an ambassador, was undermining “official U.S. policy,” which he alone can establish in the absence of specific congressional direction in the form of passed law. He wasn’t undermining anything except the Deep State that hated him.

According to Schiff and Co., all the evidence that proved that Yovanovitch was working against President Trump is the Ukraine is baseless, while anything that Yovanovitch and her band of State Department factotums say against Trump is gospel truth. Schiff has learned all the tricks of the Fake News Media that has built him up into a patriotic Robespierre, and thus he has learned to call reports that Joe Biden and his son engaged in corrupt behavior “discredited public allegations” and worries about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election “false conspiracy theories.”

What it comes down to is if you as a private citizen or you as president of the United States don’t like the work of a US ambassador, you better not say so. If you do you will be impeached or maybe go to jail. Who knows? When there are no rules, the “Impeachment Committee” can do whatever it wants! And if you believe something that is an “inconvenient truth” for Democrats or the Deep State, you had better keep your mouth shut. There is only one side to every story, and it’s whatever Adam Schiff says is the story.

Of course, the report smears Rudy Giuliani for attempting to find evidence to clear his client, President Trump, but worst of all are the attacks on reporter John Solomon and Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican member of the Intelligence Committee. Solomon, who documents and authenticates everything he writes, is accused of making up the information he reported about Yovanovitch’s questionable activities in Ukraine. The fact that Solomon talked to a source for his reporting is held up as evidence that Solomon is corrupt when in fact all it is is evidence that Solomon talked to a source.

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After Solomon’s report about Yovanovitch was published, Solomon had phone calls with Giuliani and his source Lev Parnas. In addition, the claim arises that Devin Nunes or his staff talked to Parnas. This is seen as evidence that the story about Yovanovitch was fake, but it is never explained why it is fake. Sharing information on the phone is not a crime — yet.

Honestly, reading this trash is making me sick. It is worse than pornography for being gratuitous and entirely intended to arouse the public against President Trump without reason.


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