Don’t mess with Matt Gaetz; Florida congressman skewers Trump-hating law profs

There were many highlights for Republicans at today’s impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. Perhaps best of all was the five minute scolding that Rep. Matt Gaetz gave to the three pro-impeachment Trump-hating law professors that were rolled out by the Democrats.

If you missed it, check out this video of Gaetz confronting these law professors for their bias, irrelevance and rudeness. It’s a thing of beauty. Pointing out that the three professors are all Democrat supporters who have a long record of anti-Trump sentiment was needed.

Most importantly, Gaetz called out Professor Pamela Karlan for her casually bringing the president’s teenage son Barron Trump into the hearing via a cheap joke.

Melania Trump, our lovely First Lady, also called out Karlan for her despicable behavior. Here’s her tweet:

Watching these Democrat lawyers was embarrassing for our education system.Are these the best witnesses that the Democrats could find?

Fortunately, Democrat Jonathan Turley appearing on behalf of the Republicans was able to restore some dignity with his balanced and well-tempered responses.


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