End the charade. Let’s just vote on impeachment! Facts don’t matter to Dems anyway!

I’m tempted to watch today’s Fake Impeachment hearing on tape delay so that I can fast forward through the bloviating and lying of the Democrats and their witnesses.

Alas, time waits for no man and neither does impeachment. I am obligated to hang on every mendacious word that falls from Jerry Nadler’s dedicated and dissembling lips.

But really I don’t expect to hear anything new from Nadler or the four law-school professors giving testimony today. As Rep. Doug Collins said in his opening statement, the Democratic impeachment narrative is “the same sad story” we’ve already heard as infinity.

“You just don’t like the guy,” Collins summed up the Democrats’ long-standing plan to impeach Trump!

Collins was brilliant in his opening statement. As he said, the facts don’t matter to the Democrats. They are riding the fast rail to impeachment and any pretense of making stops to collect evidence is a hollow lie. Republicans cannot call witnesses and Adam Schiff is hiding under a blanket of lies and hatred.

Let’s get on with it, dammit. Vote to impeach the best president in modern history, and let the chips fall where they may.

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