Law professors vs. the Deplorables: A day at the impeachment circus

I didn’t think it was possible for any group of people to be more self-important, more full of themselves, than the disgruntled diplomats who testified before Impeachment Czar Adam Schiff, but then I heard today’s panel of law professors — and I realized that the arrogance of the elites far exceeds even what we Deplorables had feared.

Mind you, it’s not entirely the fault of the law professors that they are arrogant; the fact that their opinion is considered adequate to overturn the votes of 63 million Americans would probably induce arrogance in anyone.

I’m not sure how long most Americans can sit in front of their TVs and listen to these ivory-tower brats pontificate about how much smarter they are than us, but I doubt it will play in Peoria. Indeed it may be unseemly to any audience that isn’t seated in front of a camera on CNN or MSNBC.

Of course, I am only talking about Professors Feldman, Karlan and Gerhardt. Those three only parroted Democrat Talking Points. The Democratic inquisitor directed virtually all his questions to those three and we were supposed to believe that because they all agreed Orange Man Bad, it must be so.

The fourth witness, Jonathan Turley, a Democrat who disagreed with the rush to impeachment, was rudely ignored by the Democratic counsel. I guess if you don’t ask for dissenting opinions, it is easier to steamroll a president out of office. (Turley’s opening statement, by the way, was a great moment of moral clarity. No wonder the Democrats wanted to ignore him!)

This was frankly embarrassing for all involved. It was as useful an exercise as if Congress were to call in three liberal justices to testify why abortion is a moral good and legally valid. Just because you can get a panel to say what they believe doesn’t mean they are right, especially when you refuse to hear from an abortion opponent like Justice Clarence Thomas and leave him sitting silently in his chair. If you listen to only one side of an argument, isn’t that the very definition of being close-minded.

This panel of law professors (but not Turley) makes me sick to my stomach. They are good little Democrats and will happily say whatever is good for their cause.


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End the charade. Let’s just vote on impeachment, dammit! Facts don’t matter to Dems


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