Guess what? Democrats will impeach Trump! Surprise!

I’m sure all my readers were shocked this morning to hear Nancy Pelosi announce that she has authorized “her chairmen” to proceed with drawing up Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

You probably thought that based upon the 30 hours of hearings before Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, there was no way to proceed with an impeachment whose foundation was that a bunch of diplomats don’t like him.

But you would have been wrong. You see, that’s why Wednesday’s hearing before the Judiciary Committee was so important. The nation got to hear from three smug, self-important Trump-hating law professors who said (in many more words of course) that Orange Man Bad!

Well, that changed everything. Getting the green light from the Trump-hating Professors meant that Pelosi had no choice but to try to destroy President Trump and his hugely successful presidency.

At least, that’s what you would think if you listened to Pelosi’s delusional announcement this morning.

I was so amused by how transparently deceitful Pelosi was that I rushed up my column for Real Clear Politics, and it will run either later today or tomorrow. I’ll post it here when it goes live, but in the meantime here’s the headline to whet your appetite: “Speaker Pelosi Declares a Coup Against President Trump.”

(Make sure you look for Adam Schiff’s rewrite of part of the Declaration of Independence for a sequel to his rewrite of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky! It’s so easy to make fun of these buffoons!)


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