Democrats asked to play fair, but don’t give a damn

For the second time, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat Stooges have been challenged to demonstrate that they do not intend to railroad President Trump without letting him present a defense.

How do you think that will turn out?

The rules of the House anticipated that the majority might try to silence the minority, and that’s why they created a rule to allow the minority to call witnesses that might otherwise be suppressed by the majority.

Of course, as you know, Adam Schiff and the Democrats did not allow Republicans to call witnesses in the House Intelligence Committee hearings on impeachment. I previously wrote about the effort of Devin Nunes to force Schiff to allow minority witnesses, but it went nowhere. The entire process happened off-camera and the mainstream media ignored it since it would have helped Republicans.

But the fact is that the rule is plain. It does not allow any vote or discussion. The minority’s right to have one day to call their own witnesses is unquestioned.

At Wednesday’s hearing, the Republicans tried to force Jerry Nadler to acknowledge the right of the minority to call witnesses before the House Judiciary Committee, but Nadler just ignored them. Rep. Sensenbrenner made the request at the hearing and then Ranking Member Doug Collins followed up with a letter to Nadler.

Collins points out that Nadler has no discretion in the matter. By the rules of the House, he MUST allow the Republicans to call their own witnesses, but it is pretty obvious the Democrats are just going to ignore the rules.

If the Republicans were allowed to call Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, JoeBiden, Alexandra Chalupa and of course the whistleblower, the Fake Impeachment game would be over for the Democrats.

What I don’t understand is how they don’t realize that the Senate will have the opportunity to hear from these same witnesses. Wouldn’t it be better for them to find out the truth now instead of carry on with the fake impeachment and be exposed later as having carried out one of the biggest frauds in history?

Of well, I guess you can’t expect Democrats to act fairly OR logically!


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4 Replies to “Democrats asked to play fair, but don’t give a damn”

  1. Frank, I am watching One America News: Revealed Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff ‘s Impeachment…..IT IS FASCINATING!! Please tell everyone to watch it!! WOW!

  2. Seems to me it is,at this point , advantageous of a finding for impeachment .
    Then,as I understand, it goes to the Senate who, can immediately negate the impeachment by vote OR start a full investigation WITH subpoena power and ANYONE called as witness .??
    Is this correct.?
    Then,we the people could hope for the exposure of this farce……
    Then ,would the liars/manipulators/ AKA Democrats be subject to arrest…?? Perhaps be FIRED ..
    as the mere common man would be ??.
    Dems .must already have some contingency plan for just that ..In other words .more lies..?
    Maybe give immunity to some Dem who provides clear proof of this farce.It appears from news that the FISA thing was manipulated ILLEGALLY ?? If nothing else that would negate all that came after.. .
    Americans of all stripes want equal justice…..
    The Liberal Dems have played this to the max…….Now it should be the Conservatives turn ….
    What the Heck are the rules/legalities of this game.??.
    Could this be the Rubicon for Dems ??

  3. Via Internet News/Interview:

    Lyndsey Graham: ” Impeachment is tearing the country apart, and because of that he is not going to extend it by doing things like allowing the President of the United States to call the witnesses he wants, or to force Adam Schiff to testify under oath about his pre-dealings with Eric Ciaramella, who everyone knows is the fake whistleblower who kicked this whole thing off. There will be no testimony from Hunter Biden or Joe Biden or Alexandra Chalupa or anyone else, if Graham has his way”

    I guess I have the answer to my question/comment above ??
    Graham wants the easy way out ..Gosh …Cant we just move on .??

    What does Graham want/need buried now ??
    So much for ‘light of day’..and/or transparency .
    Can Graham be stopped from this foolishness..
    As the Dems have already convicted the President by Proclamation Graham will do away with with it all ‘by proclamation.?? For the good of ….whom..?
    Can America demand a PUBLIC Senate trial…..I hope President Trump can and will say NO…I demand a trial..How 3rd. world do we allow ourselves to become??
    Maybe Graham is afraid of the consequences for his friends across the aisle when their lies are exposed ??
    America can deal with it .!!!!


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