I’m not going to read the Horowitz Report until the Deep State goons are in jail

I’m sorry, but I can’t bring myself to read the whitewash report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz about the Justice Department’s abuses in investigating President Trump during and after the 2016 election.

Why bother?

As I predicted here and here, it’s just a rerun of Horowitz’s report about the FBI’s deeply flawed probe of Hillary Clinton’s illegal handling of emails. “Different Day, Same Schiff,” to update a famous phrase.

Look, you and I already know that James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper. Susan Rice, Rod Rosenstein, Andy McCabe and President Obama all played a dirty role in the fake counter-intelligence probe of Donald Trump. Apparently, the Horowitz report confirmed that to the extent possible since Horowitz only had authority to investigate the Justice Department.

But Horowitz once again laid out all the evidence of a vast left-wing conspiracy and then put on his Mr. Magoo Coke-bottle glasses and insisted that he couldn’t see anything except hard-working lawmen doing their job. Sure, they made some mistakes, but even though we know they hate President Trump, there is no reason to believe they would have let that affect their judgment. (Wink wink nod nod!)

This gave the green light to the Fake News Media to declare the Deep State cleared of criminal wrong-doing. (“They are just stupid, not malevolent, and after all everyone makes mistakes!”) It also let the FBI director manqué Jim Comey loudly proclaim his innocence with the usual smug self- satisfaction that makes you want to take a swing at him.

I know we are supposed to just read Horowitz as a coming attraction of what will be announced later by US Attorney John Durham, but I for one am growing weary — and skeptical that anyone will ever be held responsible for the Deep State Coup.

Yes, it was certainly encouraging that both Durham and Attorney General William Barr announced publicly that they don’t agree with Horowitz’s conclusions. Durham is directing a criminal probe of the way the US intelligence community ran its investigation of Trump, and unlike Horowitz he has subpoena power, a grand jury and the ability to talk to anyone anywhere, not just Justice Department employees.

Yep, it’s encouraging, but I’m damned if I will trust anyone in the federal government without proof up front. “Trust but verify” was fine for the Russians, but for these Deep State goons, it’s “Verify first, trust later, send them to jail, and then verify again.”

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And once those thugs are safely in jail, I’ll make a pot of coffee, get out the Horowitz Report, put up my feet. and enjoy a good read — and a good laugh.


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3 Replies to “I’m not going to read the Horowitz Report until the Deep State goons are in jail”

  1. I hope to hear your laugh.
    If the obvious treason goes unpunished, they are grossly underestimating the force by which the American Patriot will get justice.  Voting is the first choice, but even that can be corrupted.
    Keep your powder dry.

  2. I read a few lines of it and realized it was the same old, same old… so will now wait with you to read it in full.

  3. You summed it all up in just four words

    ” Same Day………Different Schiff ”

    Thanks for the laugh…….

    now I have to clean my keyboard


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