Is Tulsi Gabbard the Dems’ Christmas present for Republicans?

Looks like the Democrat Party wants to give Republicans an early Christmas present.

The DNC and their goons are doing everything possible to drive Tulsi Gabbard out of their party and into a third-party run for President.

Of course, they say that is the last thing they want. They act shocked and hurt that Gabbard might consider it, but really they are leaving her very little choice.

You see, Gabbard was one of three Democrats who didn’t vote for impeachment. Mind you, she doesn’t love Trump and would love to see him defeated, but she is a woman of principle. She knows Trump has been set up by the Deep State and she hates the Establishment as much as Trump does, maybe more.

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Remember, she quit the DNC in protest in 2016 because she knew the party had the nomination system rigged against Bernie Sanders. She also has called out Hillary Clinton by name as the poster child of corrupt self-enrichment politics and neo-con military policies that cost us lives and treasure.

That’s why Hillary lashed out at Tulsi in October as a Russian asset.” Who was being groomed for a third-party bid. Now the Democrats are saying that Hillary was misquoted and it was really the Republicans who were grooming Gabbard.


Here’s what Hillary said to Dem operative David Plouffe on his podcast:

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“They’re also going to do third party again. And I’m not making any predictions but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far, and that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up. Which she might not, ’cause she’s also a Russian asset.”

They may well be right that Republicans want a left-wing third party candidate, but there is no way that the GOP is “grooming” any Democrat to run as a third-party candidate. No Democrat would listen to a Republican. It is just absurd.

Moreover, Hillary explicitly said “she’s the favorite of the Russians,” and it was clear she was talking about Gabbard. Notice also that she compares Gabbard to Jill Stein, the 2016 Green Party candidate and proclaims that “she’s also a Russian asset.” In other words they are both Russian assets.

So there was no love lost between Gabbard and the Dems, but when she voted “present” on both articles of impeachment, that raised things to a whole new level. Former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has called on Gabbard to resign from Congress. Moreover, President Trump did say that he does “give her respect” for not voting for impeachment “because she knew it was wrong.”

Trump, of course, is the master politician, and he’s going to encourage any dispute in the Democratic Party, but he has no leverage over Gabbard’s decision. Only the Democrats can force her to run as a third-party candidate by treating her with disdain.

They do so at their own risk. If Gabbard runs, Trump wins.


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  1. Frank, Congratulations on your new venture here. I am an old guy (Very close to 80) who am on the same page with you. Nov 2020 we really need to clean house.
    I live 15 miles outside of Como, CO (population 13) in the exact center of the state. I do firewood to stay healthy.
    Jim Sohmer

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