Maxine Waters sinks to new low of stupidity as she falls for goofy Russian prank

It’s hard to have any confidence in our government when people like Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff have positions of responsibility in it.

These two Democrat chairmen in the U.S. House of Representatives have proven time and again that they have the discernment of a junkyard rat trying to decide on dinner. Any old trash will do.

That’s certainly the level of discernment displayed by these two Democrat leaders as they hunt around for dirt on President Donald Trump.

First, there was the Russia Hoax. Then there was the Russian Prank. And now there is the Russian Prank 2.0.

Not surprisingly, both of these members of Congress fell hook, line and sinker for the Fake Steele Dossier that was put together by the Hillary Clinton campaign to try to make it look like Donald Trump was a Russian stooge. Anyone with a spark of intelligence would have been able to see that the dossier was a dirty trick aimed at disrupting the Trump presidential bid and eventually the Trump presidency.

Unfortunately, that spark was missing from Schiff and Waters as they stumbled around in the dark for months trying to figure out if an impeached elephant was a snake or a tree or a wall. (Hint: It was a dead end!)

After years of fake investigating, we found out it wasn’t them pesky Russians who set up Trump. It was a bunch of traitorous Deep State Democrats who either fell for Russian disinformation or manufactured it themselves.

It is thus poetic justice that both Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters were themselves both set up by Russians to show just how stupid they are.

The story of how Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov set up Schiff to seek pictures of “naked Trump” is the stuff of legend. Sean Hannity in particular never tires of playing the tape of Schiff greedily soliciting Russian interference in our US election.

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But now there is the sequel, and it is so boldly outrageous that you can be confident only a woman of Maxine Waters’ staggering intellect could have fallen for it.

In this case, Kuznetsov and Stolyarov enlisted the aid of a female colleague to pretend to be Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage wonder child of the eco-terrorist brigade (aka Time magazine’s Person of the Year) while one of them pretended to be Thunberg’s father. You can hear the conversation in a YouTube video which includes a cartoon version of Waters being hoaxed.

The hoax gets started with a request for Waters to support Greta’s campaign to save the fictional island of Chunga-Changa from the effects of pollution and presumably climate change. They then prank her into addressing a fictional “climate strike” in North Carolina on speaker phone where Waters says Thunberg should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fake Greta’s fake father then tells Waters he wants to talk about the “meeting” Greta had with Trump at the United Nations. This should have been an instant giveaway that something was not right because everyone knows Trump and Greta did not have a meeting, but Waters just takes the bait and swallows it whole.

Fake Greta spins this tale:

“It was a really terrible meeting in the U.N. building in September with him. And I had nightmares afterwards. It’s terrible. I saw him in the hallway. He was with security and I shouted at him, ‘Sign the Paris Climate Agreement again!’ He came over, he leaned in towards me, and said softly, ‘Listen carefully to me, little girl. You will never achieve your goal, like the congressional goal, trying to accuse me.'”

This shocks Waters!

“He said you will never achieve your goal? Oh my goodness. Did you ask him if he would rethink signing the Paris Climate Agreement? Is that your question to him?”

“Yes, yes,” said Fake Greta. “He added that … ‘You know what? I’ll tell you the truth. I really wanted to push the Ukraine president to put my competitor on trial.'”

OK, by now anyone with a Q-Tip for a Brain is started to get that nagging feeling that 2+3 don’t really add up to 4, but Waters has just entered the Twilight Zone where she thinks she will be the Golden Girl of The Trump Impeachment Hoax. Move over, Adam Schiff! I can prove Trump did everything we said he did!

Fake Greta’s fake father spreads more fairy dust in front of Waters and she follows him into the land of make-believe.

“He said to her, ‘You know, little girl, nobody believe you anyway, I will tell you the truth. I really pushed on Ukrainian president and you know that you will never achieve your goals like those congressional fools who accuse me. So nobody will believe you. You will be on trial like my competitor.”

“Oh, my God! He mentioned Ukrainian president?” Waters asked.

“Yes, he said that,” the prankster responded. “And he added, ‘Nobody will believe you anyway.'”

Waters starts salivating, and she and the hoaxsters start plotting how Thunberg will address Congress to tell about.

“We’re going to try everything that we have to impeach him,” Waters says. “Yes. And if the public knew that he talked to Greta like that, he made her cry, and told her she would never achieve, this would go against him too.”

Oh dear, everything goes against Trump, doesn’t it? But nothing can possibly tarnish the reputation of the buffoons running our government during those few moments when they manage to pull their heads out of their nether regions.


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  1. My money is on them both, Shifty and Maxie, to yet sink to lower depths of insanity along with the rest of the swamp in their partnership as Trump Syndrome continues to rot their brains. There is no end to those that are sick with lunacy about Trump. RLS

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