Iran makes fatal mistake, launches missiles against US troops

Wow! Talk about a world-class blunder!

Iran has launched missile strikes against U.S. troops in Iraq in response for the death of Iraqi terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

They apparently think all US presidents are as feckless as Jimmy Carter, who stood idly by in 1979 when Tehran’s Islamic terrorists took US Embassy personnel hostage.

Well, they were warned. President Donald Trump told them that if they tried to avenge the death of Soleimani with new violence, they would be met with overwhelming force.

Now the whole world is waiting to see what that response will be.

Or maybe not the entire world. If you turned on your TV tonight, you will be listening to a whole bunch of Jimmy Carters who think the best thing to do is to just pretend it never happened.

Hah! That will never happen. There will be blood. I’m hoping President Trump takes advantage of the Iranian stupidity to launch a massive missiles strike that leaves Iran and its economy crippled for decades to come. But I know for sure he will do something.

It’s time to stop being bullied by the tinhorn dictators of Persia. They’ve killed enough of our Americans and caused enough terror throughout the region.

It is time for them to pay.

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And if the Democrats and the news media take the side of Iran, then they too will be left by the wayside. Real Americans will always support our president and our troops when responding to aggression.


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2 Replies to “Iran makes fatal mistake, launches missiles against US troops”

  1. It may not be politically correct; but it must be said that if we fear war, then we risk the fate of our nation! That is the unspoken national alternative that every political body must accept from past history for as long as Mankind survives. And, that is what lies as the general discontent by our citizens with the Iran nuclear treaty, that it was negotiated because of our fear for an enemy that calls for our destruction. Our citizens fear that money will not buy a lasting peace, and that a nuclear Iran is now guaranteed. History supports their fear!

    As a lasting bit of advice from the ages to all of us is to not take lightly the perils of peace, “…that our enemies will go as far as our hesitation.” That has been our history and it has not served the world or us well.

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