A good night’s sleep = a war deferred and a president vindicated

Last night when I posted in the midst of the Iranian missile attack on our troops in Iraq, it seemed inevitable that the US must respond in kind — with a barrage of missiles aimed at Iranian military targets.

I suspect that President Trump felt the same way, yet this morning Trump announced that the U.S. will refrain from a military response and will instead apply maximum economic pressure on Iran to return to the ranks of civilized nations.

What intervened, besides a good night’s sleep? Well, sleep provided time to see where we are in the light of day, and to be honest it doesn’t look too bad.

Thanks to either good intelligence or superior defensive planning, our troops and our Iraqi partners were apparently able to plan for the attack and avoid any loss of life. The amount of material damage is still not publicly known, but that is entirely secondary. No one wants to go to war over a few busted buildings. It was the likelihood of the loss of human life which made a retaliatory strike seem like a necessity last night. Now, not so much.

By exercising restraint, the President has won a major victory. It will be much harder for his enemies to paint him as a dangerous warmonger and it also keeps our nation’s enemies off balance, never sure how Trump will respond to threats to America.

At this point, the US is far ahead of Iran in the undeclared war of wills. We took out Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Revolutionary Guard and apparently the second most powerful person in Iran, who was responsible for hundred of American deaths and the assault in the US Embassy in Baghdad. What did Iran get in return? Essentially they knocked over a couple of trash cans in the alley — and got to shout loudly that they know where we live.

Fine, we know where you live too, and we will sleep more soundly knowing that Soleimani doesn’t live anywhere any more.

President Trump has once again surprised his enemies — in Tehran and in Washington — and has shown that he does not seek war but that he is not afraid to wield force when necessary. God bless him and this country.


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One Reply to “A good night’s sleep = a war deferred and a president vindicated”

  1. The Dems certainly enjoy sounding uninformed and unintelligent. I sleep better knowing President Trump acts with information based on intelligence and experience. His own intelligence and experience as well as that if many advisors. Obama and his professor cronies, made a speech, as Hillary so gallantly said when she was running against Obama in 2008. So what did they know except what they all debated in classrooms where grades were never awarded….they knew how to talk the talk.

    Hakeem Jeffries, obviously in the new York district near Alexandria Cortez’ uneducated voters, decided to make a speech he practiced in the bathroom mirror:

    “Cowboy diplomacy did not work in Viet Nam, cowboy diplomacy did not work in Iraq, cowboy diplomacy will not work in Iran.” Wow. What a visionary for foreign affairs. The new Churchill. With statesmen like Hakeem and dick durbin telling the President how to keep the peace, I’m sure we can all sleep better. Fortunately, anything the Democrats suggest, we have learned to do the opposite.

    Dick durbin said to the small audience on CNN, “we are trying to reduce terrorism by Iran and other countries, let us do it thoughtfully not impulsively.” How insulting, as usual, to assume durbin should lecture the President. Just because President Trump does not shout out to the Iranians what his withdrawal plans are, his troop location, and other data Obama did on a regular basis, does not mean he will be anything but up to speed.

    The Democrats do not have a great track record of peace on their watch, so if President Trump elects to do things differently, unpredictably, and with confidence, the Dems should keep quiet. Since everything the Democrats and their associates in the various media have painted the President with their own shortcomings, and the American people have judged him for themselves, we can’t believe the picture of him that they present. They have lied and dissembled for the longest time and due to President Trump, they have been exposed. I will go with President Trump’s common sense and his informed judgment any day over these publicity hounds who are all sound and fury but have nuthin’.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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