ICYMI: CNN agrees to pay Covington kid who they defamed

Yesterday was a huge news day, what with the attack on the US military by Iran and all, so you may have missed the news that Nick Sandmann has won the first phase of his multi-pronged lawsuit against media outlets for defaming him.

That’s a great victory in the fight against Fake News!

Sandmann is one of the Covington, Kentucky, Catholic kids who was in Washington DC last January when they were confronted first by Black Hebrew Israelite cultists and then by a far-left Native American activist. Because Sandmann and some of the other kids were wearing MAGA hats, CNN and other news outlets smeared them as dangerous racists.

Sandmann’s lawyers filed an $800 million lawsuit against CNN, and later the Washington Post and NBC Universal, after the outlets used a selectively edited video to make Sandmann and the other Covington kids look like they had harassed Nathan Phillips, a Native American who attended the Indigenous Peoples March in DC.

Sandmann was singled out by Phillips, who beat a drum inches from his face, and Sandman was accused of smirking disdainfully at Phillips when he really just was trying to maintain his composure in the face of the invasion of his personal space by an older man.

On Tuesday it was announced that CNN had settled their part of the lawsuit by paying Sandman an undisclosed amount of money. You almost have to wonder whether CNN waited till the most opportune news cycle to announce the settlement. Certainly, no one was talking about justice for Nick Sandmann last night on cable TV when Iranian missiles were raining down on Iraqi bases that housed US forces.

But what matters is that Sandmann and the Covington kids — and by extension all of us who wear MAGA hats — have been vindicated. Facts matter, and Fake News must be exposed.


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  1. I was so proud of Nick Sandmann. He was brave in the face of the “unknown.” I have a 17 year old grandson. I would like to think he would have been as brave and thoughtful as Nick proved to be. All I could see was my grandson. Wondering what was going on. Wondering why this strange man was in his personal space. Not only was the media mob wrong, they were gleeful when they thought they had the goods on a Trump supporter. A young Trump supporter. The media is so “woke” that anyone who bullies another person is bad, bad, bad. They bullied this young man and he remained even tempered during the interview with the holier than thou Savannah woman who asked Nick if he thought he owed an apology to the hostile man who shoved a drum and drumstick in his face. I hope to God that Nick and his parents and lawyer make a fortune from these vipers. Thank you for bringing the story out again. We need to hear it often.
    Joe Morrisco

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