Mayor Pete, AP lead Charge of the Lightweight Brigade

The belated Iranian confession to the murder of 176 people aboard a Ukrainian airliner gives us an opportunity to assess the foolishness of the self-flagellating anti-American political establishment in our own country.

Remember that a few hours after Iran launched a missile strike against US forces in Iraq, the Ukrainian airliner crashed shortly after takeoff. Originally, the Iranians said that there had been a mechanical failure which had brought down the jet, but later admitted that their own forces had shot it down when it veered toward a Tehran military base.

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg showed he is a typical “Blame America First” left-winger by tweeting out that “Innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit for tat.”

These are the measured tones of a Mitt Romney, a John Kerry or a Hillary Clinton. In avoiding the placing of blame where it belongs, they always end up blaming America. Remember Benghazi?

Of course, real Americans were outraged by Buttigieg’s inability to state the truth directly. We have learned from President Trump that the unvarnished truth is much better than mellifluous lies. We don’t need to go back to just another hack politician like a failed Mayor Pete.

Meanwhile, even more disturbing than Buttigieg’s tweet was this headline by the Associated Press:

“An Iranian general dies in U.S. attack, and innocents suffer.”

In case you were wondering, the innocents who suffered were the victims who died in the Ukrainian airliner, but to read the AP headline you would think that the United States has killed innocent people in their attack on the “Iranian general” (aka the terrorist Qassem Soleimani).

Of course, readers were outraged by the Associated Press’s biased reporting. Here is one example:

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As my readers know, while I was managing editor of the Inter Lake, I had many disputes with the AP about their biased coverage. Click here to read my encounter with AP editors over a blatantly false story filed by Darlene Superville about President Trump.

Thank God for Donald Trump standing toe to toe with the Democrats and their evil allies in the media. Once he defeats them, it will be easy to beat Iran.

By the way, it is now obvious that Iran was allowing passenger planes to fly because they were using them as “shields” against the possibility of a US reprisal strike on Tehran. The cowardly Iranians were hiding behind the planes on the assumption that US military would not risk an attack while passenger planes were flying. But Iran’s generals did not count on their own military’s incompetence. Instant karma’s gonna get you.


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  1. I notice that ‘Mayor Pete” is left handed .Hmmmmm

    Sinister,.. Today meaning evil or malevolent in some way, comes from a Latin word simply meaning “on the left side.” “Left” being associated with evil…Back in the day, Left Handed indicated .Evil /Left ..

    How did they know this stuff way back ?? Hmmmmm
    Food for thought ?? and Fun.
    I always believed that ‘Sinister” was an Arabic word .?? Maybe they also knew about the Left ??


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