Myth of ‘moderate Democrat’ shattered by impeachment scam

A surprise benefit of impeachment is that it has forever shattered the myth of the moderate Democrat.

As a resident of Montana, I have had to live through the Jon Tester charade for the last 14 years. Sen. Tester, the small-town rancher, ran on the proposition that he wanted to make Washington, DC, more like Montana. Yeah, fat chance! Instead, Tester used his knowledge of farm animals to line up at the trough and feed on swamp slop. Yum.

Now Tester, like all the other “moderate” Democrats, is gung-ho on removing a duly elected president because they are afraid to face him in the 2020 election. There is not a whisker’s difference between Tester and Chuck Schumer. Jon Tester is Nancy Pelosi without the false teeth. He is Adam Schiff without the bug eyes.

And Tester is exactly the same as all the rest of the “moderate” Democrats. Doug Jones of Alabama and Joe Manchin of West Virginia are walking in lockstep with their radical colleagues, and they will only vote to acquit President Trump if they know their vote is meaningless. Anyone who has not figured out that impeachment is a partisan sham by now is either a moron or a knave. They are certainly not to be trusted as men or women of principle.

The best evidence of the scam of the Fake Moderate Democrat is former Sen. Claire McCaskill. When she was running for re-election in Missouri, she kept telling everyone how much she understood her state’s conservative nature and that she would not be a rubber stamp for the radical Dems. Fortunately, the voters sniffed her out as just one more Swamp Rat and sent Josh Hawley to the Senate in her place.

Of course, McCaskill didn’t want to leave the trough, so she wound up as a permanent floating talking head on MSNBC, where for the last week we have been forced to watch her licking the nether regions of Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer. If anything, she is more radical than her fellow panelists. It’s almost as if she enjoys rubbing Missouri voters’ faces in the fact that she fooled them for 12 years by pretending to be a decent, God-fearing person.

Unh-uh, just one more Democratic hack. So what else is new?


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