Hooray! Trump attorney explains whistleblower hoax to Senate!

Hooray! A big thank you to White House deputy attorney Patrick Philbin for bringing the impeachment hearing back to where the entire hoax started — with the fake whistleblower!

In a devastating presentation to senators, Philbin explained first how the House of Representatives denied President Trump due process, but then showed how the House managers had also obstructed justice (my term) by covering up the bias of the whistleblower and by refusing to allow the president to confront his accuser.

Philbin didn’t name the whistleblower, but he might as well have.

“The whistleblower we know from a letter the inspector general of the intelligence community sent that he thought that the whistleblower had political bias. We don’t know exactly what the bias was, because the inspector general testified in executive session, and that transcript is still secret. …

“Now you would think that before going forward with an impeachment proceeding against the president of the United States that you would want to find out something about the complainant that had started all of it. Because motivations, bias, reasons for wanting to bring this complaint could be relevant. …

“Recent reports, public reports suggest that potentially the whistleblower was an intelligence committee staffer who worked with then Vice President Biden on Ukraine matters, which if true, would suggest an even greater reason for wanting to know about potential bias or motive for the whistleblower.”

Of course, we all know that the whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella, but Adam Schiff has so intimidated everyone in the media and the government that they won’t name him. This is because Schiff was caught in a lie early in the process when he said he didn’t know who the whistleblower was and that “we would love to talk directly with the whistleblower.” Schiff’s staff had in fact talked to the whistleblower and actually coordinated his complaint with him.

“At that point it became critical to shut down any inquiry into the whistleblower,” Philbin explained.

Schiff was “an interested fact witness at that point,” who had a vested interest in keeping the whistleblower secret. “Since he had been caught out saying something that wasn’t truthful about that contact, he had a reason to not want that inquiry. And it was he who ensured that there wasn’t any inquiry.”

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That’s important because, Philbin concluded, a lot of what the senators have been hearing was presented by Chairman Schiff. “He has been telling you things like what’s in President Trump’s head, what’s in President Zelensky’s head. It’s all his interpretation of the facts and the evidence, trying to pull inferences out of things.”

Bingo! Or as we used to say back in high school when you had proven your case, “Quod erat demonstrandum.”

The Schiff Show is a charade, a crusade, an inquisition, and the sooner that Schiff is exposed as the liar he is, the better for the country, the Congress, and the truth.


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