MSNBC host Brian Williams joins House impeachment team! (No, really!!!)

Brian Williams got fired from MSNBC once for embellishing the truth (he lied repeatedly) and today he burnished his reputation as a liar by completely misstating the arguments of the Trump defense team at the Senate impeachment trial.

In summarizing the three main points of the White House lawyers, Williams actually made it sound like the defense team had been making stuff up. Sorry, that’s Brian Williams’ job as a Fake News host on a Fake News channel.

If you want to skip my intro on the video, go straight to the 47 second mark and listen to Williams making stuff up. Or read it here:

“By my list, the initial items that they said the Democratic managers didn’t want you to hear, they didn’t explain:

“Burden sharing, a phrase we don’t normally associate with our president.

“Ukraine didn’t know right away, and of course there’s direct testimony to counter that.

“And they worked in a little false flag. They worked in the notion that Ukraine may have meddled in our election, which let’s make it clear early and often is a Russian talking point.”

Wow! Can there be a more disingenuous description of what just took place? The president’s team laid out a brilliant case exposing the chicanery and half-truths of the House impeachment case. And Brian Williams could not even report that from an unbiased point of view.

If Williams thinks he is a newsman, that is just one more instance where he is mistaken. Clearly he is an unofficial member of the House managers’ impeachment team… offering instant rebuttal of the Trump position.

What’s worse is that he is just dead wrong. Burden sharing is a HUGE concern of President Trump. He has been yelled at repeatedly by neo-cons and media pundits for insisting that NATO members pay their fair share of defense costs. PLUS the transcript of the call with President Zelensky shows that Trump did bring up burden sharing regarding Europeans commitment to Ukraine. Williams is just making stuff up!

Two, he says Ukraine knew “right away” that aid was being held up, and thus ignores the House witnesses who repeatedly said that Ukraine never expressed concern about aid being postponed until the issue was reported by Politico at the end of August!

Three, he dismisses the notion that Ukraine worked against Trump’s election in 2016 when all the evidence confirms that it happened. Calling it a “false flag” doesn’t make it untrue; it just demonstrates that Williams will dismiss “early and often” any evidence that would clear President Trump.

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Color me angry! But not surprised.


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