‘Fake the Nation’ host schooled by Sen. Tom Cotton after parroting Democrat talking points

One has to assume that the liberal Fake News Media is a willing accomplice in the Democratic coup against President Trump when they so blatantly repeat Democratic talking points without any regard for the truth.

Every weekend I try to watch all the Sunday morning talk shows, so that I can report on the most craven and obvious attempt to sandbag a Republican guest.

This week the award goes to Margaret Brennan of “Face the Nation” on CBS. Her interview with Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas was a masterpiece of manipulation.

“Do you think it was a misstep for one of the president’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, to stand on the floor of the Senate and repeat the conspiracy theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election?” Brennan asked.

Cotton didn’t bite for one second. Unlike the usual Republican victim, he fought back against the Fake question from the first.

“Margaret, that’s not a conspiracy theory,” he started to respond.

But she jumped down his throat before he could finish his thought.

“Sen. John Thune, one of your Republican colleagues, said he would prefer that the lawyers not do that because the intelligence community concluded that it was Russia that meddled.”

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Oh my God, why do the idiot Republicans provide aid and comfort to the enemy! Thune and his ilk should just shut up since they don’t know what they are talking about! NO ONE said Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 election — but that says NOTHING about what Ukraine did or didn’t do!

Again, Cotton tried to set her straight but it was like talking to a rock — or worse, a Democrat!

“So, Margaret, that’s a Democratic talking point,” he told her.

“This is what John Thune, one of the Republican leaders, said,” she replied. Of course we don’t know what point Thune was trying to make. Maybe someone asked him if he thought Ukraine had broken into the Democratic computers in 2016 instead of Russia. In that case, he would be right to say no, but that’s not what Jay Sekulow said and not what Cotton was trying to say if Brennan would just shut up and let him answer.

“It’s a Democratic talking point that the president and his lawyers have argued that it was Ukraine who interfered in our elections, not Russia. You can read the president’s brief. They make it very clear that, yes, you can accept that Russia interfered in a systematic, organized top-down fashion in our election. I say that. I’ve been part of the Intelligence Committee that’s been investigating it for years. You can also say that it’s clear that some Ukrainian officials tried to influence the outcome of the election in 2016.”

Wait, Brennan might have screamed at Cotton! You’re being logical! Stop that!

Instead she said: “But you’re being precise in your words there, and that was not what the president’s lawyer said.”

Bullshit! Of course, Cotton could not be so direct in his response.

“That is exactly … I’m saying that’s what the president’s brief said. You can also say that other countries like China and Iran and North Korea try to influence our elections as well.”

But then Brennan pulled another GOP idiot out of her pocket.

“You do know that the Trump appointed election czar at the director of national intelligence said, ‘We do not assess that any other country influenced the United States election in 2016 on the scale of what Russia did.’ That’s an exact quote” from Shelby Pierson.

Cotton bravely continued to try to have an intelligent conversation with the rock seated opposite him, but it was hopeless.

“That’s consistent with my point! I said ‘On a scale of,’ Russia was top-down, organized, systematic.”

Brennan tried to talk over Cotton so he could not make his point, but he continued anyway …

“So would you caution the president’s lawyers to be more precise in their language?” Brennan chimed in with her dumb Dem talking point.

“But Ukraine, Margaret, the Ukrainian ambassador published an op-ed criticizing Donald Trump and defending Hillary Clinton. These are not disputable facts.”

“Right. But that’s not what the president’s lawyer said in the floor,” she said, getting the last word by lying again.

Cotton should have demanded that Brennan play the allegedly offensive quote by Sekulow. I have not been able to find it. Maybe it is locked up in the basement bunker of the House Intelligence Committee!

This is what I heard Sekulow say:

“Mr. Schiff did not like the fact that the president did not apparently blindly trust some of the advice he was being given by the intelligence agencies. … They kept telling you it was Russia alone that interfered in the 2016 election, but there is evidence that Ukraine also interfered.”

Hmm, sounds reasonable … just not to seditious Democrats and Fake News journalists.


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