WATCH: Trump seeks peace in Mideast while Dems (and Fake News-ers at MSNBC) make war in DC

What a contrast! As Democrats continued their impeachment charade in the US Senate, President Trump was in the White House announcing the fruits of three years of negotiations to bring about peace in the Mideast.

Trump announced a proposed peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians that could be an historic accomplishment. Although it still needs to be accepted by the Palestinians, it has bipartisan support in Israel — which in itself is a major accomplishment.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined Trump at the White House to laud the President for his vision and hard work. For the first time, Israel has accepted the idea of a two-state solution where Israel would live side by side with a Palestinian state incorporating parts of both the West Bank and Gaza and having its capital in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu lauded the plan as historic because for the first time it calls for the recognition of Israeli settlements in the West Bank in exchange for a four-year freeze on new settlement activity. Netanyahu said the agreement would ensure that Israel could defend itself within the proposed borders.

Meanwhile, Democrats were still trying to figure out how to throw Trump out of office before he does too much good. They know that if he remains in office for four more years, he can change the world playing field forever. So Dems need to distract and delay. They cannot let Trump stand for re-election, but must oust him immediately.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you that the corrupt media also ignored the latest major accomplishment of this historic presidency. They were too busy promoting the story of how the rat John Bolton came up with a scheme to sell more books by stabbing the president in the back. CNN and MSNBC could barely be bothered acknowledging the White House press conference. Even Fox News cut away from the White House to prep us for one more day of the coup in progress on Capitol Hill.

MSNBC takes the cake for their biased reporting though. They were not able to digest the significance of the Trump-Netanyahu press conference, but they were compelled to seize upon a joke Trump made at the event.

In thanking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, President Trump noted he got a solid round of applause and suggested that Pompeii’s dustup with a Fake News NPR reporter a few days ago had not hurt his reputation any.

“That reporter couldn’t have done too good a job on you yesterday; I think you did a good job on her actually,” President Trump joked.

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Ahem! MSBNC was outraged, making this joke the focus of their coverage rather than the historic peace plan. Poor little Nicole Wallace thought it was Trump being a misogynist, along with Pompeo. Apparently women reporters can’t be criticized by Trump, only men!


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