White House attorney slam-dunks Schiff for Biden/Burisma coverup

Eric Herschmann, one of the attorneys representing President Trump, unloaded on Adam Schiff and the House managers for their repeated lies that Hunter Biden’s relationship with Burisma has been thoroughly investigated and that allegations of corruption were baseless, debunked and phony.

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida had asked the president’s attorneys the question all of have been asking: Where was the investigation? Who did it? How did it get debunked?

Herschmann’s response was a thing of beauty:

“There is no evidence in the record about any investigation, let alone “debunked,” “sham,” discredited,” or as Manager Jeffries told you night, ‘Phony.’ The House managers haven’t cited any evidence in the record, because none exists. … So the real question is this: Does corruption related to the energy sector in Ukraine, run by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch who was paying our vice president’s son and his son’s business partner millions of dollars for no apparent legitimate reason while his father was overseeing our country’s relationship with Ukraine, merit a public inquiry, investigation or interest? The answer is yes, and simply [avoiding the issue] by saying it didn’t happen is ridiculous.”


“Does anyone here think when they say it’s a debunked investigation that didn’t happen that we wouldn’t remember if there was testimony of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, his stepson, their business partner, his chief of staff and a special assistant? How can you tell the American people it doesn’t merit inquiry…?”

This is good stuff. Listen to it all here! God bless the president’s attorneys. They are doing a fine job of defending him against the attempted coup!


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One Reply to “White House attorney slam-dunks Schiff for Biden/Burisma coverup”

  1. Your article on Eric Herschmann’s “fact-based” review of the Biden conflict of issue is accurate. And isn’t that a pleasure, to read actual facts. Hear actual facts. Mr. Herschmann “Debunks” multiple reports by media personalities and loud critics of my worldview, like Chris Mathews Stephanopoulos, Nicole Wallace (Sarah Palin’s”handler”), who repeatedly said out loud that there is “no proof of anything about the Bidens and all allegations were debunked.” Other “news” speakers on many tv and cable channels all agreed about the Biden story being “debunked.” Now we have the facts.

    Joe Morrisco

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