WHAT! GOP wins on witnesses, then buckles on Dem timeline to hurt Trump

How disgusting to listen to the idiot talking heads on CNN and MSNBC after the Republicans succeeded in blocking the Democrat demand for witnesses in the Fake Impeachment Trial.

They are all convinced that the Senate Republicans are involved in a coverup, but that’s just because the idiot talking heads are all aligned with the Democrats. It apparently never occurred to them that the reason we have trials is because there are two possible outcomes. If you automatically assume that a verdict you disagree with is wrong, then you don’t believe in justice but just rubber stamping. Kind of like the way Democrats refuse to accept the election of President Trump just because they don’t like him.

As for the Senate itself, you have to wonder how the Republicans are so capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Immediately after defeating the motion to allow witnesses, the Republicans agreed to postpone the vote to acquit Trump until Wednesday– the day after the State of the Union address. The Democrats could not have gotten away with this unless the Republican Party has turncoats who didn’t want Trump to be able to declare victory on Tuesday night in his address to the nation.

Even more disgusting.

Mitt Romney and Susan Collins are reprehensible for their betrayal of the president and their party on the witness vote, and we can assume Romney was the ringleader for the decision to delay the final verdict as well. As for Horrible Lisa Murkowski, I’m willing to laud her for one day for voting against witnesses, but come tomorrow I will be happy to call her a RINO TURNCOAT again!

What a pathetic punch of losers. Trump deserves a better team to play with.


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3 Replies to “WHAT! GOP wins on witnesses, then buckles on Dem timeline to hurt Trump”

  1. The Durham report and Lindsay Graham are lurking. Frank, you will have delightful commentary as they march through the Dems, CNN, NYT, LAT and Wash Post. Keep up your work. Congratulations on post retirement success.

  2. Cant ‘Drain the Swamp’ unless the team with the equipment also has the , um, will
    to turn on the pumps…….
    Victory to loss is well known,sad and always on the Republican menu………
    .Perhaps a better team would be welcome at a new Party……
    How many LUCY/Footballs in their possession ??………
    Wonder if the best friends Dems. have are Republican ENABLERS ??…….
    My bet is that Trump will not ignore some reference during his speech…

  3. Great analysis. I’m sorry you have to watch anything on CNN and MSNBC, but you do it stoically so that I don’t have to. So thank you!

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