Gregg Jarrett quotes Heartland Diary column about Lyin’ Adam Schiff

Well, darn. I missed it, but I’m told that Gregg Jarrett of Fox News quoted my Monday column when he guest-hosted on Sean Hannity’s radio show Thursday.

The column was my weekly column for Real Clear Politics and was titled “Lies, Damned Lies and Adam Schiff’s Moving Lips.” You can read it here.

Thanks to an alert reader I was able to hear the column on IHEARTRADIO. Here’s what Jarrett said as he was talking about Nancy Pelosi’s blunder in appointing Schiff as the lead impeachment manager:

“There’s a great column that you should read on the website of Real Clear Politics entitled (and this is a propitious title if ever there was one) ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Adam Schiff’s Moving Lips.’ You gotta love it.

“And it’s so true! I invite you to read it. The author is Frank Miele, who compares Adam Schiff to a Shakespearean character who quote is only comfortable in his own skin when he is making the skin of others crawl. That is a brilliant description of Adam Schiff because throughout the trial, Schiff offered his own opinion and speculation masquerading as facts.”

(You should be able to listen to Jarrett’s show at this link. He talks about my column at the 9 minute mark.)

Jarrett, of course, is a well known legal analyst on Fox News and the author of “The Russia Hoax” and “Witch Hunt.” (If you order on Amazon through my associate links, I may get a referral fee.) He has been one of the loudest and most knowledgeable defenders of President Trump from the beginning.

I mentioned Sean Hannity in my column, which focused on Schiff’s opening argument in the impeachment trial and highlighted his noted capacity as a liar:

I won’t call Schiff a “congenital liar” — as Fox News personality Sean Hannity does nightly — but only because the term excuses Schiff of personal responsibility for his behavior. I don’t think it was his genes that made Schiff into a consummate liar but rather his narcissistic personality.

Watching Schiff spin his yarns as chief House manager for the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump reminds me of the great dissemblers of Shakespeare, such as “Honest Iago,” who is only comfortable in his own skin when he is making the skin of others crawl. The “motiveless malignity” that poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge ascribed to Iago is writ large in the perfunctory perfidy that Schiff practices with unassuming ease. He would destroy a king, but he assures us he takes no pleasure in it, wink-wink, nod-nod.

Perhaps I am giving Schiff too much credit. He might be more akin to Monsieur Parolles of “All’s Well That Ends Well,” the arrogant know-it-all whose own words come back to haunt him: “He will lie, sir, with such volubility, that you would think truth were a fool.”

Read the rest here:

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‘Lies, Damned Lies and Adam Schiff’s Moving Lips’: My column at RCP

Thanks to Gregg for citing my column, and thanks to my reader for sending me info on how to hear the show.


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5 Replies to “Gregg Jarrett quotes Heartland Diary column about Lyin’ Adam Schiff”

  1. Fabulous column about Adam Schiff’s ability to lie and have his strange political party swear to it. I wouldn’t mind his lies because I can see through them and don’t pay any attention to them. My concern is that his lies are promoted and repested by his enablers, the Democrat media cult followers. Also, the phrase Schiff used when he was lying big-time in the House of Representatives, “dig up dirt on Biden,” has been repeated throughout the land, and even Fox news, American News HQ, REPEATED this bogus phrase. President Trump NEVER said those words. Journalism needs more people like you, Mr. Miele. (Gregg Jarrett is one of the good guys.)

  2. Why can Schiff lie, bear false witness against The President, and is only called out by non- liberals? Why can Pelosi insult Mitch McConnell, Justice Roberts, and me, and never need to back up her insults or apologize when the truth comes out? Why is blame placed on President Trump for incivility when Pelosi, Blumenthal, Schumer, Schiff and tlaib, green, and other unqualified political people, make the most slanderous accusations toward him and his supporters? Why has it become the “norm” to accuse people like Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump of obscene behavior, without proof, and FORCE them to prove they are INNOCENT? Why can’t we accuse Nancy of hiring and abusing illegal aliens and forcing them to pick grapes in her vineyards? Make her prove her innocence. Accuse her son of wrongdoing. Make him prove his innocence. Or accuse Adam Schiff of abuse of power by forcing his staff to do personal errands for him. he needs to prove his innocence. Accuse Schiff of never attending any meetings about the crimes and homelessness going on in California. Make him prove he is innocent of conducting after hour parties with his female staff. Same for Nancy. So many bank deals and insider trading, and so little time. Audit the entire house of Representatives for insider trading. Most of all, though, if the country has been able to run quite well without these Democrat smear experts, why do we need them? But haven’t they both been shirking their fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens of California? How have they served their home districts? Poorly. Can’t they be made to defend their misuse of government property, like Jeff Neeley of the GAO when they all went to Las Vegas for a “team building” trip on the U.S. taxpayer. Schiff and Pelosi carry on about global warming? They squandered government money to pursue their personal vendettas, and used 28,000 pieces of paper during the “trial.” Thousands of dollars for copying their flawed accusations. Can’t the Republicans think of ANYTHING to accuse these people of where THEY would have to prove their innocence, the way they demand their political opponents to prove their innocence? I know. Republicans actually have ethics and morals. But it sure hurts to hear the liars who lie. Every day.

    Joe Morrisco

    1. Frank: This is one of your finest articles. Truth to the end. You are the best out there. Finally others are catching on. RLS

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