No surprise! Coup master John Brennan still hates Trump

Two days after President Trump was handily acquitted by the US Senate on two fake impeachment charges, MSNBC is still banging the drum for the Fake News story that Trump is a danger to us all.

This morning, Hallie Jackson interviewed John Brennan, the disgraced Obama CIA Director and coup master, and they both were wringing their hands as they worried about Attorney General Bill Barr issuing an order to strictly limit how the US government can spy on political campaigns.

Of course if those rules were in place in 2016, Brennan would be in jail now, so it’s no wonder he is concerned.

Brennan has the audacity to question the integrity of Barr in carrying out the law, saying that “William Barr has demonstrated time and again that he’s most interested in being Donald Trump’s defense lawyer as opposed to the attorney general.”

This from the man who used the CIA to spy on US citizens! Outrageous.

Then to hear Brennan call the president despicable for having the audacity to survive the three-year-long coup attempt, “it just makes your blood boil,” which is what Brennan said he feels when President Trump attacks the dirty cops in the FBI and calls them “sleazebags.”

According to Brennan, “Donald Trump’s behavior and comments yesterday were despicable, utterly detestable. I don’t see how anyone could in fact defend his performance yesterday.”

Sorry, Mr. Brennan. If you weren’t a sleazebag yourself, you probably wouldn’t be so offended!

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2 Replies to “No surprise! Coup master John Brennan still hates Trump”

  1. John Brennan is a man who had tremendous power. He WANTS it back. He has the media fawning all over him and making him feel that he is still powerful. And maybe he is if he still has top secret clearances and buddies and moles in President Trump’s White House. Maybe he is as powerful as he thinks. By attacking Bill Barr, Brennan wants to diminish him in our eyes. Brennan is baiting Barr to alienate him from Trump by saying he is kowtowing to the President. That could put Barr’s”back up” and force him to disavow his loyalty to following the law. For Mr. Miele to be as upset as I am with Brennan makes me feel better. Misery likes company. Brennan criticizing President Trump for speaking out about “sleazebags” is absolutely typical of a really awful sanctimonious self-righteous liar. Remember karma…. Harry Reid and his treadmill. Karma.

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